Not everyone is blessed with naturally flushed, radiant skin but that’s the beauty of makeup – we get to fake those kinds of things. πŸ™‚ I love how makeup brands now are aiming for the seamless, barely-there products. Heck, no one wants to look like she’s wearing layers and layers of makeup on. The ultimate goal here is not to put on as much as you can but to look great by enhancing what we have without anyone knowing the amount of products we used. So after the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Read review HERE) that gave the most natural finish, sheer highlighters are bound to follow suit. I wonder what’s next for Revlon. πŸ˜€
Product Description:
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The Iconic Face Illuminator is back. Get a healthy glow in any light. Banish dullness and even out skin with light capturing crystals and photocromatic pigments for a lit from within look.
Basically the purpose of Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminators is to give color to the skin by creating a warm, healthy glow with a flush of color. I believe this comes in 5 shades but only 3 are available here as these are the ones that would most likely flatter our skin tone: 110 Bare Light is like a light beige shade with neutral base and highly unnoticeable tiny pearl white shimmers best used as highlighter, 300 Peach Light is much like the former but warmer and more salmon in color so it would look better on those with either pink or peach undertone and lastly, my favorite from the bunch, 400 Bronze Light is this gorgeous tan shade perfect for the summer season. However, it can be a bit too orange-y for those with fairer skin – it looks great on morena skin, though. πŸ˜‰
These instant Face Illuminators come in slim squeeze tube with tiny opening for better control in dispensing the product. Consistency-wise, it is thin, light and very runny. It has a sheer, subtle glow to it that bring radiance to the skin. Imagine your usual shimmery highlighter but much more toned down. This is actually a highlighter fit for those with oily skin as it will not make them look like a grease ball when they sweat. πŸ™‚
Application can be tricky at first but it can actually be used in several ways. You can mix it to your regular foundation to give you more color or just dab it on your cheeks (after the base makeup) using your blush brush/sponge or fingers like a liquid highlighter or bronzer for that gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Oh-so summery!
Contrary to what most of you would think; these don’t look patchy on top of foundation. It stays on for a good 4 hours before it starts to fade when worn on top but when mixed with foundation, staying power is almost unnoticeable as it does not greatly affect the wear time of the foundation.
What I appreciate most about this is that it gives my skin a nice, dewy glow without looking too shimmery and made up. It looks very natural and even a beginner can feel at ease using it as it’s impossible to overdo – except for the bronzer, that is. Plus I love how it can be used in different ways! These Revlon Photoready Face Illuminators are just perfect for this summer season! <3
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