I don’t know if I mentioned this on my previous post but the theme for the Pretty in Pinkbox Event (Read more HERE) was pastel. Knowing me, I don’t have a lot of girly clothes in my closet – I like anything black, leathery or with spikes. I just don’t feel like pastel or any girly color, in general, fit my personality. Anyway, I don’t plan on looking too off during the event so I went with a flowery gray tank top, denim jeans and matching muted beige cover-up and wedge. The only pastel thing I had during the event was my freshly-manicured nails. πŸ™‚
If I’m not mistaken, Ruby Wing Nail Polish isn’t available locally. I got mine as a gift from Ms. Joy of Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong from her recent visit to Hong Kong. The brand was new to her so she wanted me to try it. Well, it’s not exactly cheap but I guess it’s worth the price considering you 2 different shades in one bottle. Plus, I just love how unique it is. It’s always a great conversation starter. Hmm.. it actually reminds of the mood rings that were so famous during my elementary years. Ahh, brings back memories. πŸ™‚
The one I got is in the shade Moonstone, a pastel blue shade that’s very breezy and light on the eyes. It’s actually very bright and attention-grabbing especially on my morena skin but I don’t care. It’s really cute! πŸ™‚ After being exposed in the sun for about a minute or two, the color starts to change and creates this lovely gradient effect from pastel blue to purple. The color-changing process is fairly quick and I totally love how it becomes ombre when removed from the light midway through the process!
It’s definitely not the most pigmented nail polish as I have to layer on 3-4 coats to get the color that I want. It’s very light and the consistency is very thin which makes the color less visible. Good thing though that it only takes a minute to dry so bubbles aren’t really a problem when layering multiple coats. Plus the product itself inside the bottle doesn’t dry out fast. My major problem with this Ruby Wing Nail Polish is that it chips rather easily. Even if I use a colorless top coat, it starts to chip the following day no matter how careful I am. πŸ™ Maybe a jelly-type nail polish would be a better top coat for this.
Now for my Nail Of The Day, NOTD:
Against my pastel blue camera case for reference. The change in color is actually very noticeable – I hate it when color-changing products promise a certain change but in reality, it’s barely there. I remember one time when I was riding a jeepney.. there was this cute little girl who was staring at my brightly-colored blue nails so what I did was I placed my hand on the back railings of the jeepney where the sun hits. Moments later, my nail polish color changed and the little girl who still had her eyes fixed on my nails almost squealed out of excitement. She was so amazed by my nail polish that she kept pulling on her mom’s hand to show her my nails. So adorable! <3
Price: HKD90 (Around Php 486)
Can you honestly tell me you’re not at all intrigued by this unique nail polish.. not even a little?
It’s so cool, right! <3
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