Recently, I noticed how I’ve been piling up with tons of lip products so I guess there’s no more room for my lip insecurity. I just hope my readers don’t get irritated with the photos of my lips because I still have a lot of lipsticks to review. LOL! Without further ado, let us start our Monday morning right with a new product review. 
I give you Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss.
Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss glass tube packaging is significantly bigger than the normal lip glosses. It contains 3.1 g of pure shimmery gloss which is a lot compared most glosses. Going back to the packaging, I’m really fond of its heavy duty glass packaging and its gorgeous silver pebbled cap – so perfect for the theme of the gloss. Unlike most glosses, this one comes with a white lip brush at the end of its wand and not the typical doe foot applicator.

Available at YourBoutique OnlineShop for Php 200 (I think).

When they said gem gloss they really weren’t kidding. Just look at that glittery goodness! When I was swatching them, I just can’t help but sing “shinny, shimmery, splendid lalala ~” from Aladin. LOL! They’re super glittery and shinny without feeling gritty on the lips. Quite a number of people actually said that Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Gloss is the perfect dupe for MAC Dazzle Glass but I don’t own any MDG so I can’t really compare.

Bejeweled. A light coral shade with white and blue flecks.
Lavish. Supposedly, is a deep burgundy color with white sparkles.
Precious. A pure white gloss shade with white and blue flecks.
They add a gorgeous shimmer to the lips to make it look fuller and more luscious. One pitfall for the glittery shimmer would prolly be the fact that it would not be appropriate for school or work. I think this would be more appropriate for parties and events. Anyway, I still like it though. Another plus for this one is its amazing staying power. I could eat for hours without retouching my lip gloss. 
CON’s: It’s a bit too sticky for my preference. Well, to be fair, I do have very low tolerance for sticky lip products which is why I usually stick to matte lipsticks so I think normal people won’t find its formula to be discouraging. As for the color payoff, as you can see from the pictures above, it leaves so much to be desired. You’ll get a lot of glitters, a little oomph of color and that’s about it. Of all the three, I think Lavish is my favorite simply because it offers the most pigmentation and it evens out the color of my lips.
If you’re one for sparkly smacker then this one is for you but if you’re looking for incredibly vibrant color payoff, I’m suggesting you pass on this one.
So what’s your favorite lip gloss? Have you tried Sally Hansen lip products before?
Let me know what you think by commenting below.
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