When my fancy eyelash extension started falling off one by one, I knew I had to start using mascaras with great lengthening and defining effects again just so one part of my lashes don’t look bald while the other side looks all glammed up. Of all the mascaras in my stash, San San Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins A, C & E was the first thing I got a hold of. Impressed by it, I immediately looked for the other variant. πŸ˜€
Both Thick and Long Lash Waterproof Mascara come in durable plastic tubes that are quite slim and travel-friendly. The color combination of the packaging easily distinguishes the two so I don’t have to look at the bottom sticker to tell which on is which. I personally like the silver and black duo – I just find the combination very chic, don’t you?

They’re pretty much waterproof but rubbing them while wet really won’t help. You won’t have the dreaded raccoon eyes but it will surely smudge. Needless to say, any decent makeup remover would do the trick for both variants. I’m currently using Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, the white one, to remove this but I guess anything would do. πŸ™‚
Let’s start with San San Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins A, C & E
Thick Lash Mascara is relatively wet in terms of formulation. It takes a while to dry so when I blink immediately after application, the mascara transfers. Also, the lashes may stick to each other while drying so I strongly suggesting wiggling the wand during application to separate them. One thing to love about the wet formula is that it makes the lashes look incredibly black and luscious. <3
No questions about its lengthening and volumizing abilities, eh? It instantly gives me va-va-voom long and thick lashes that really opens up my eyes. It can create teeny tiny clumps here and there but nothing major. I just love how it promises you one thing and then delivers 2 great results; length and volume. For something that’s very budget-friendly, this truly is a great product.
Moving on to San San Long Lash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins A, C & E
Compared to the previous one, Long Lash Mascara has a drier formulation. If you look closely at the wand, it has tiny fiber-like strands that lengthen the lashes. Hence the name. The dry formula has its good and bad, of course. Good because it won’t take a minute to dry after application – no mess! And bad because it has the tendency to dry up even more after a couple of hours under such humid weather and then flake a little. It doesn’t run nor smudge as much but it does flake.
Another great thing about its slightly dry formula is that it can be coated a number of times without looking clumpy or spidery at any rate. It’s dry so the lashes don’t stick together into one gooey lump. The lengthening effects aren’t dramatic but they’re still nice for everyday looks – especially for my little sister who doesn’t want to look too made up in school.
They said mascara is only as good as its wand. I’m not sure if I believe it though. Anyway, both San San Long & Thick Lash Waterproof Mascaras have almost the same black plastic wands. Both of their bristles are short and stiff as well. The difference lies on the length of the wand and the straightness. The one on the left is obviously longer and it is slight bent to form a subtle curve – I’m guessing to effectively “cradle” the lashes and apply a generous coat in one swipe. 
On the other hand, Thick Lash Mascara has a pin-straight wand with shorter bristles which allows you to work with the lashes more from side to side. Well, that’s how I do it, at least. πŸ™‚
If I have to pick my favorite, it would definitely be San San Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara with Vitamins A, C & E simply because it doesn’t only give me volume but it also delivers almost the same lengthening effect as the other one. Look at the photos… you be the judge. *wink!
Price: Php 115 each
Available at: HBC Branches
So tell me, which of the two is your favorite? Comment ’em down below! πŸ™‚
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