Cheap thrill alert!
I know a lot of you have been meaning to get your hands on your very own Clarisonic Mia. But just like me, not everyone has the means to splurge on things like that. So I went for the local dupe which is the SkinSonic Skincare Device (Read review HERE) instead. It works almost the same as the Clarisonic but for a fraction of the cost at Php 2,799 – this could still be pricey to some though.  Now here’s another alternative for the budget-constrained gals, Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush!

Product Description:
(Taken from
Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush is the professional’s choice for cleansing the face and neck. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving face fresh, clean, and soft. Gently massages and invigorates skin.

The most important thing first, the bristles; they’re soft and doesn’t feel rough against the skin at all! Now, compared to using our hands in cleansing, using the Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush obviously removes dirt and makeup residue better. In my case, I always use makeup removers before washing my face and that’s it pretty much it, I just follow it with my usual skincare routine after cleansing. But when using a cleansing brush – whether manual or mechanical – like this, I noticed that when the facial wash starts to foam up, it still has a hint of color! Meaning, not all my makeup is really removed. And as we all know, makeup can clog the pores when left overnight. Thus, proving that brush cleansers really does clean the face more thoroughly and as a result, it also allows the skin to absorb more and fully utilize the skincare products. These advantages are the same for mechanical brush cleansers too but, of course, the latter is way more effective and invigorating. 
Just a word of caution though, too much “deep cleansing” can cause the skin to dry out and eventually breakout.. do be mindful in using brush cleansers. For me, I prefer using it twice or thrice a week in lieu of my usual exfoliating scrubs. But for those with oily skin, they could get away with using this for around 4 times a week since their skin has the tendency to accumulate more oil and dirt than those with dry/normal skin.
Look, it even comes with its own plastic cap to prevent dirt and dust from getting on the bristles. I find it really convenient, really. My SkinSonic didn’t have brush covers so for the longest time, I kept returning them inside the box after use. But just like the latter, Sephora Collection Face Complexion Brush is easy to clean. All it takes is a little amount of shampoo or liquid hand soap.. rub the bristles with it a couple of times to breakdown any dirt build up, rinse it in running water and then allow it to dry. Viola! Clean brush, ready for another “Me Time” sesh. 🙂
Price: Php 328
Available at: The Primp Pad
How’s that for an affordable find? Have you tried cleansing brushes before?
I sometimes feel super lazy and forget to use ’em but they’re worth the extra minute in the shower. 🙂
See you on my next post!