Move over countering, strobing is all the rage right now. If you haven’t heard of it yet; strobing is basically done to highlight the face with the use of products with luminescent finish. It gives the skin an alluring radiance that is difficult to ignore. But you have to admit that no matter how captivating strobing is, it’s not for everyone, and most definitely not for everyday. I just feel that the hardcore strobing (the ones I often see on Instagram) is too much for normal office days. But if it’s brilliant glow you’re looking for, I might have a better alternative. Well, better for everyday use, at least.
 Product Description:
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Discover even-toned, luminous looking skin. This advanced daytime moisturizer minimizes the appearance of existing sun damage while helping to prevent future discoloration. With timed-release capsules for all-day brightening and moisture, this multi-functional brightener improves skin texture, targets dark spots and evens out the appearance of skin tone. White Lucent is the ultimate brightening solution.
It’s only until recently that I finally committed to using sunblock on a daily basis. I often neglect how important it is – prevention is better than cure, you know. But I understand why most people choose not to use sunblock; it can be oily and heavy depending on what you use. I’ve been fairly lucky with the daily sunblocks I’ve used so far but I only struck gold a few weeks ago.. in the form of this Shiseido White Lucent All-Day Brightener. Woohoo!
Shiseido White Lucent All-Day Brightener is basically a moisturizer-slash-sunblock with a hint of highlighter all rolled into one. Housed in a simple silver tube, the Shiseido White Lucent All-Day Brightener is a white, watery cream. It is easy to spread and blend because of its runny consistency. It’s even lighter than my everyday moisturizer!
I like how fast it is for the skin to absorb and that it doesn’t leave any kind of oily film on the skin. It’s absolutely non greasy/oily so there’s no need to worry if you have oily skin. And in spite of the decent SPF content, there is no white cast! It lacks the signature scent of typical sunblock, too; it’s very light to the nose as it is essentially odorless. Perfect for those with sensitive nose.
Best part about this sunblock is that it has tiny shimmer particles that leaves the skin looking naturally radiant. It’s nothing like standard highlighters that has the tendency to make you look as if you have actual glitters smacked all over your face, or worse, make you look like a disco ball! Eww! The shimmer particles (which they call Light-Transform Powder) are highly unnoticeable but still enough to give the skin a little healthy boost. Imagine an overall strobing that is very very light and subtle. Gorgeous, right? Although, unlike the typical strobing, you can’t really control the application for this.
Another plus side to this is that it works hand in hand with my all-time favorite Shiseido White Lucent Serum in lightening dark spots caused by pimples, and brightening my overall complexion. Talk about a multi-functional product! <3
I’m finding it quite difficult to say something negative when it comes to Shiseido products, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Aside from being a bit expensive, I don’t know what else to say. Haha. There’s no doubt I’ll be repurchasing Shiseido White Lucent All-Day Brightener once this tube runs out.. I still have a few months to save up for it because I’m pretty sure this tube will last for a long time. A pea size really does go a long way with this!

Okay, I know I look weird on this photo (excuse my messy hair), but try to look past that to be able to appreciate the glow Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener was able to give my skin. And may I remind you, I have absolutely zero Photoshop skills so there’s no way I could edit this.. and if I did have the needed skills, I would have made my cheeks smaller; that would have been priority #1, haha! But seriously, I really do look radiant in this photo, right? That’s all thanks to the combined powers of  Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener and L’Oreal Lucent Magique. *wink!

Price: Php2,750
Available at: Shiseido Branches Nationwide
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