This is probably one of the most raved makeup brush both in the blogosphere and on YouTube. Bloggers and beauty gurus alike can’t seem to stop singing praises for this flattop brush. And you know me, I can’t stand not knowing.. so even if this individual brush is slightly more expensive locally, I had to get my hands on it. No questions asked, no if’s and but’s. Period.

This might be late but the question is, is it really worth the hype?
Read on to know my two cents on this famous brush!

Sigma is a US-based brush and makeup manufacturers that ship internationally. They have collaborated with a lot of well-known gurus to generate the needed online buzz for the brand — not that I’m saying that it’s a bad thing. It’s actually a great marketing strategy since beauty junkies like myself rely heavily on honest sources online to know which products to buy and not to buy. And amongst the brand’s wide array of brushes, this F80 brush stood out the most. This individual brush costs USD 18 but is being sold for more than Php 1000 online.

Sigma F80 is a densely-packed, synthetic flat top kabuki brush. It’s nothing as dense as I’ve tried before. Well, before Chic Cosmetics Manila’s 5pc. Kabuki Brush Set that is (Read review HERE). The handle is made of chunky wood covered with glossy black paint with engraved brand name and brush code. It has a silver ferrule that holds all the bristles nicely and securely. 
The bristles, the most important part of a brush, is two-toned with very little gap in between each bristles. Despite it being synthetic, it picks up a good amount of product without absorbing/soaking them in between the bristles and near the ferrule. So basically, not much product is really wasted. And because it’s dense, it makes blending such a breeze. It generally cuts down the time it requires me to blend my makeup to avoid caking. This brush works well with both liquid and cream foundations though not so great for buffing powder. 

As for the washing part, I’ve been washing this brush religiously once a week since I got it – which was mid last year – and I only experienced shedding ONCE and very minimal still. And absolutely no bleeding. I must warn you though, the lighter part of the brush which is the tip is easily stained by makeup and is a bit hard to remove. Hence, the dirty-looking brush on the photo. Believe me, I just finished deep cleansing it when I took these photos.

Taking everything into consideration, I came into the conclusion that this is indeed a good and sturdy brush to have in your kit for the years to come. So yeah, quality-wise, it is definitely worth the hype! πŸ™‚ However, this is a bit pricey for most people. For those on a tight budget, I would recommend a good Sigma dupe to y’all. And that’s none other that Chic Cosmetics Manila’s 5pc. Kabuki Brush Set. πŸ™‚
That’s it for my Sigma F80 review.
See you on my next post and have a great Sunday, ladies! <3