I’ve always wanted my very own SkinSonic Skincare System ever since I saw it on Facebook. So when my awesome boyfriend asked me to make a wishlist, SkinSonic Skincare System was the first thing I wrote (ofcourse along with other makeup and skincare products). 😉
And sure enough, I did get almost everything I wrote in that list.. most of which was from my boyfriend. :))
TADAAA! My own SkinSonic Skincare System courtesy of Michael! <3
The box contained the following:
The Sonic Device with batteries.

It’s storage cradle.

And 5 brush heads.

I’ll review the brushes separately.. starting from my favorite brush head.

Brush head for Sensitive Skin 

This is, by far, the best brush head in the kit. The bristles are soft and gentle but it can still remove both makeup and dirt! I use this 3-4 times a week with my Missha Green Apple Facial Foam and I can see the foam turn beige even after using makeup remover! Imagine all that makeup on my face if I sleep without using the SkinSonic. :/

Brush head for Normal Skin

The bristles on this brush head is rougher on the face compared to the previous one. I seldom use this because it hurts no matter how little pressure I exert. But no worries, my boyfriend sometimes uses it. 🙂
Toning Attachment

Toning? I call this my massage attachment. LOL! I use this after putting my cream, serums and the like because from what I’ve watched from Bubzbeauty, we need to massage our face after putting creams and serums to stimulate blood circulation and for better absorption. 🙂

Exfoliation Attachment
Hydration Attachment
Can you see any difference between the last two brushes? No? Me neither. They both have the same shape and sponge top. How would I know which one is for exfoliating and which one is for hydrating the skin?
Anyway, I did try to use it with my St. Ives Apricot Scrub. And never did I tried using it again. It was like the sponge was absorbing all the water so what remained was the tiny beads from the scrub. So yah, it hurts. But atleast I was sure that the dead skincells was gone. :))
– Removes more dirt and makeup compared to manual washing.
–  Very handy and easy to use.
– Water-proof! At first I was scared when the foam was dripping to the handle. Good thing its really water-proof. 🙂
– My skin feels softer after use. 
– No tightness on the forehead and cheeks. It didn’t dry up my skin.
– No breakouts! Actually, it even lessens tendency of breaking out.
– Despite the flaw of the two attachments, the kit, as a whole, is still worth every cent. (Php 2,799) 🙂
Simply put, it does what their site promised it will do.
– A bit expensive for college girls like myself. 
– No storage for the brush heads. I can’t keep it over the sink or on my desk together with the Sonic device because dirt and dust would stick on the brush head. :/
– The last two brush heads.. seriously. I don’t know what to do with them.
My Verdict: 4/5

Check out their pages here: