A lot of you have been asking me about the result of my Slimina Weight Loss Capsule challenge and I humbly apologize for the delay. You see, when I accepted this, I forgot to consult with a doctor. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I have a history in bleeding internally due to rupturing intestine. It gets better sometimes but this kind of things never really go away. Last time I saw a doctor, I was told not to intake slimming teas or any laxative-like products as they only trigger the bleeding.

Anyway, I badly wanted to try this Slimina Weight Loss Capsule so I still did but I was very cautious during those 30 days. I was super observant as I try to monitor not only my weight but also the side effects. To cut the long story short, I waited this long to post the review because I had to make sure this is really safe to use. I don’t want to endorse or suggest anything that isn’t really safe. And as far as rupturing intestine is concern, Slimina Weight Loss Capsule is absolutely safe!

Now that the product safety is all cleared up and out in the open, let’s now start with the review proper. πŸ™‚

Read my detailed product overview HERE.
Unlike other slimming products (Leisure Coffee, Biguerlai & Kankunis Herbal Tea and Fitrum) I’ve tried before, Slimina Weight Loss Capsule didn’t make me feel gassy nor did I experience any bathroom emergencies. All it does is control my appetite.. making me feel full after just 6 spoonfuls. Even when I crave for things like Nutella and banana duo or anything in general, I get tired of the taste easily. As a result, I did’t eat as much as I used to — not that I was depriving myself of anything. I just didn’t feel like eating much.
Another thing that sets this apart from the slimming products I mentioned above is that Slimina Weight Loss Capsule didn’t make me look frail or tired all the time. I remember my roommate back 2 years ago tried the Leisure Coffee too. She constantly drank that thing for months.. she eventually lost a lot of weight but she looked sick and haggard. No, I don’t want that. Combined with my regular supplements, Slimina Weight Loss Capsule didn’t make me look sickly.. nor did I feel weak. I was as active as ever! πŸ˜€
My usual diet then included a Slimina Weight Loss Capsule in the morning, as instructed, and fruit + oatmeal for breakfast. Whenever I feel hungry in between meals, I opted to munch on sweet pomelos that are rich in fiber – this naturally help my bowel movement. Then for lunch, I normally eat with le BF at school so that means a hearty rice meal for me. Dinner varied depending on my activities on that given day; if I had a busy and tiring day in school, I tend to eat a lot but when I didn’t have classes, I could go by with just an apple or two before hitting the sack. Also, I still let myself eat a bar of chocolate a day since I don’t believe depriving myself would help my case. πŸ™‚

It’s important to note that during those 30 days when I took Slimina Weight Loss Capsule, NEVER did I exercise. Not even a single sit-up! Sad to say but I’m a 100% coach potato. So the result shown below is all thanks to my change in eating habit and the Slimina Weight Loss Capsule intake.

Just look at how bloated my face is! Argh!!
Like I said on my Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Part 1 post, I’ve been continuously gaining wait and I can’t seem to stop it.. let alone reverse it. My weight right before I started taking Slimina Weight Loss Capsule was – wait, I’m a bit shy – at freakin’ 52kgs! A year before that I was only at 45kg.. *sob


Sorry about the photos. :3

I’m glad to say that after 30 days, ending December 22, I lost almost 4 kgs and was happily at 48kgs! It was the most effective (not to mention safest) of the the slimming products I’ve tried by far. I lost a lot of inches around my belly although my huge arms stayed the same – I really need to start exercising! Sadly, my Slimina Weight Loss Capsule bottle emptied right before the holiday season. Needless to say, I immediately regained most of the weight I lost. Boo! But overall, I’m still genuinely happy with Slimina Weight Loss Capsule and I’m actually thinking about repurchasing a bottle or two.

Price: Php 990
Available at: Dull to Doll
How I wish I could’ve sustained that healthy living thing.. it’s really not an easy thing.
I hope to get enough disciple and motivation to try it again and this time, be able to maintain it.
That’s it for now. See you on my next post! πŸ™‚