As an online shopping enthusiast, I usually spend hours browsing online sites. Although online shopping has been a great venue for easy shopping, it has its limitations. We can’t ignore its advantages, but then again, there are some things that are better purchased in the flesh – especially clothes. With the new SM Mobile App, I can go malling and shopping at ease. This mobile application, in essence, is not an online shopping service. Instead it offers convenience when we shop in malls.
I know I’m not the only one who’s experience this; I mean, going to a mall only to find out that the brand/store I’m looking for is no longer in that mall so I end up going to several malls just to look for a certain product. Mall-hopping sounds like a lot of fun, right? Well, it would’ve been so if not for the inescapable hassle of the Metro Manila traffic.
One of the many features of the new SM Supermalls Mobile App is the ability to locate the nearest SM Mall to you with the mall map function; with estimated distance nonetheless. Not only that but it can actually display the stores and brands in each mall so you wouldn’t have to skip malls in search of a particular brand. To make it even easier for us shoppers, the app not only gives us the exact location of the store but actually gives us directions going there. Like the big screen directory in malls right on the palm of your hands!
Another thing about the the SM Supermalls Mobile app, you can easily check the cinema schedules, reserve seats and buy movie tickets. The user-friendly interface allows me to easily browse the cinema schedule for different SM Malls. What’s even more impressive is the Instagram-like layout for the homepage where I can browse through different posts such as sales, cinema schedules and even exclusive promo/coupon codes from partner stores. Talk about convenience and savings!
Other features include knowing the hottest deals in fashion and food, locating shops, restos and services, and finding your way to the nearest SM mall to redeem your mobile coupons. And oh, here’s a cool feature; never again will you forget where you parked using the Parking Locator! HAHA.
Overall, I like the simple, easy-to-navigate layout of the application. I like how every tabs are straight to the point and without much kaartehan. Anyone can easily navigate through the app and learn your way around it in less than 5 minutes. The layout looks clean but in-keeping with the color theme for which SM is known for; and not too crowded. It kept all the buttons/tabs on a minimal but the functionality in full blast. It covers the basics plus a little more.
It’s not a necessity given that we can always just Google anything; but then again, having the new SM Mobile App ready to go on your gadget makes everything that much easier. Don’t worry, you can download it for FREE at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.