It’s no secret that I once had naturally wavy hair, not like
the gorgeous beach babe wave – No, it’s more like a messy wave which I find
really irritating and hard to fix. So I’ve been owing my everyday-good-hair-day
to whoever invented rebonding because for 7 years now, I’ve been in and out of
salons to fake my effortlessly straight hair. And with enough monthly
treatments and maintenance, I was able to prevent my hair from being brittle
and dull. I usually go for L’Oreal Power Dose treatment which costs Php650 per
vial. Steep, huh? But between my
class schedule and the endless shopping, I can’t seem to afford such monthly
luxury anymore. Thus my quest for my hair’s inexpensive savior begun.
250mL bottle costs Php 399.
I’ve read a lot of reviews online, scouting for the perfect
product. I came across several posts on hair care products that bloggers swear
by. And it seems to me like Snoe Hair Heroes Shampoo and Conditioner was the
common denominator of all those rave posts. Well, of course I also had to give
it a try.
Snoe Hair Heroes Shampoo is contained in a green transparent
pump bottle. The bottle itself is really thick and sturdy. I must’ve dropped
the bottle several times already while I’m in the shower but it doesn’t break
nor spill a single drop. I really like the comic-inspired product label in
front of the bottle. It’s very interesting and refreshing to see a hair product
in a creative yet witty packaging. Who said only Korean products have cute and
entertaining packaging? LOL!

However, I’m a bit thwarted when it comes to dispensing the
product. The SA during the bazaar said I will only need to pump ONCE and that
would be enough for my short but thick hair since, according to her, the
shampoo expands. I had no idea what
she meant by that but I still bought a bottle. Anyway, one pump is obviously
NOT enough for my shoulder length hair. I had to pump 5-10 times to get the
right amount. Imagine my frustration when I’m in a hurry.

Info Taken From Snoe’s site:

Honey Extract– High in vitamins and minerals, a good humectant and moisturizer
OleaEuropaea (Olive) Fruit Oil -Nourishes, conditions and improves the strength and elasticity
Clementine Orange extract– Age reversing anti-oxidants that gives natural shine.
Vitamin E– Help hair to grow, prevent split ends, help heal hair damaged by excessive use of a hair dryer, and cure dry hair as well.
Panthenol Pro Vit B5- Thickens the hair by up to 10% thus, increases strength of hair, resistance to breakage.
Guar Gum- Rich in softening and conditioning benefits, without leaving build-up. It forms a protective barrier on the hair and helps control fly-away and frizzy hair. It also promotes shine to the hair.

The shampoo smells zesty probably because of all the natural
extracts it contains.

After shampooing, my hair feels stiff and coarse which
really alarmed me. But after using my usual conditioner and drying my hair, it
feels really soft that I can easily run my fingers through it. Also, the zesty
smell stays for hours. I just love it! It really helps bring my almost-dying
hair back to life after all those rebonding sessions. When I started using Snoe
Hair Heroes Shampoo, the ends of my hair looked super dry and frizzy but few months
with my hair hero; it became noticeably less frizzy and healthier. Not only
that, I observed that my hair is now less prone to breakage as my hair fall
significantly decreased. You don’t believe me? See the photo below.

See, less frizz! 🙂

I would recommend this to all girls in general but with special
emphasis to those who like coloring their hair and undergone rigorous hair
treatments before. This will surely lessen the time and money you spend in hair
maintenance like hair spa, hair blessing and the likes.
That’s it. That’s my
current hair hero.
What’s yours? 🙂