I think that it’s safe to say that most girl problems include dark underarms. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell am insecure of my pits and it’s super annoying to know that the skin’s hyper pigmentation is mostly brought about by the usual grooming stuff us girls do. I mean did you know that using at-home hot waxes could somehow burn the skin and cause it to darken? Well, so does the chemicals in our deodorants and even friction caused by the rubbing of your skin or cloth versus skin! There are certain things we can’t change like, you know, friction but I would most definitely like to change the things that I can to at least minimize skin darkening.

First step, using an underarm deo that doesn’t contain too much concentrated alcohol and other skin-damaging chemicals. My weapon of choice against sweat smell and skin darkening, Snoe Under Armed Forces Whitening Natural Deo Spray. You just have to hand it to the Snoe team when it comes to naming products; they sure do come up with the wittiest word plays ever. So cool!

Product Description:
Snoe’s Under Armed Forces will fight the war against dark armpits and stinky sweat! Feel free to move with the music with your arms raised up because Under Armed Forces will repair damaged skin, whiten and make it even toned. Infused with Mistletoe extract to inhibit underarm hair growth, melanin and minimize chicken skin for perfectly white underarms that deserves a salute!
Unlike the usual deo sprays I’ve used before that came in aerosol cans, Snoe Under Armed Forces Whitening Natural Deo Spray comes in a plastic spray bottle like low-end colognes. The spray is nice but the plastic bottle is quite flimsy and a little pressure causes dents. The smell kinda reminds me of this Lewis & Pearl cologne I shortly used when I was in high school. It smells really good, for me at least. I know some prefer their deodorants scentless though.

I use 2-3 sprays each side and seeing by how much I’ve used up over the past weeks, I think this 50mL bottle could only last me a little over a month. Mind you, this isn’t exactly cheap. Although I have to say, so far so good. My pits feel a little bit sticky a few minutes after spraying this on but after around 5-10 minutes – or in my case, after doing my makeup – the sticky feeling fades completely. And because of its gentle, all natural ingredients, it doesn’t hurt a bit even when sprayed on scraped areas – no burning sensation or any kind of tingling sensation.

For weeks I noticed that my underarms don’t sweat as much as they did before. Even if they do, it doesn’t smell a teeny tiny bit repulsive. Yup, no foul body odor even after an hour of jogging and intense sweating. I haven’t seen any major skin whitening effect, still. I mean, these things take time. I guess I have to use it with the entire Snoe Under Armed Forces Whitening line to speed up the process. I’ll update you once I see any whitening effect worth mentioning.. I’ll buy the other products from the range too just to see how it turns out. πŸ™‚
Price: Php 449
Available at: Snoe Beauty Inc. Branches

What’s your current deodorant? Have you tried this before?
Let me know what you think! πŸ˜€