Believe me when I say that I understand why most Filipinas crave whiter skin. I, too, was caught up in that phase when I was in college. Soaps, bleach, oral supplements, injectables… I tried everything just to be whiter. Fairer complexion makes you look fresher, less haggard, more radiant and sometimes even perceived to be more beautiful — not that I agree with it but to each their own.
Unlike most whitening soaps in the market today, Snow White Whitening Soap does not contain kojic acid nor glutathione which are both commonly known for their whitening properties. Instead Snow White Whitening Soap uses 7 plant extract [which are said to be from the Swiss Alps] to naturally brighten the skin.
Take note, I used the term “brighten” as opposed to “whiten” as it also aims to even out the skin color by lightening marks and making the skin look radiant throughout use. “Brighten” is more of a healthy white glow whereas merely “whitening” the skin could look pale and ashy.
I’ve been using Snow White Whitening Soap on and off for a year now. Since my intention is really not to get whiter skin but to even out dark patches on my legs, I don’t use it continuously. I generally just use it for a few weeks at a time, often after going to the beach.  My skin always go a shade or two darker during a beach trip no matter how high the SPF my sunblock contains. But I did notice that I get my old skin color back faster with the help of this soap than compared to when I don’t use Snow White Whitening Soap at all.
I love how doesn’t dry out my skin like Kojic does. I don’t get the white scratch marks when I run my nails through my skin after bath. Plus my skin ready does look healthy and radiant. A year of use and Snow White Whitening Soap was able to slightly lighten marks and scars on the legs. However, one downside for this soap is that is melts super fast. A 135g of product only lasts for about 2 weeks so it doesn’t exactly come cheap when you think about it.
Price: Php145
Available at: Mercury Drugstores
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