I can’t seem to fall asleep so I might as well do a quick review on this Soap & Glory Hand Food my cousin got me from Sephora Singapore last December. If you personally know me, you’d know that I can’t live without alcohol – not the one for drinking, I’m talking about the Isoprophyl alcohol for sterilizing things. I have this nasty habit of rubbing my eyes and touching my face that I can’t seem to stop so the best I could do is to at least make sure my hands are clean when I do so. The result? Super dry hands! Eww. Now can you guess what I throw in my bag right next to my handy alcohol bottle? Yup, a moisturizing hand cream is now equally as important for me!
Product Description
(Taken from www.soapandglory.com)
Apply a little Soap & Glory Hand Food™ Hand Cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands and relish in the delightful aromas of fresh bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, with floral and fruity midnotes, and musk, amber and warm vanilla. The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!

Soap & Glory™ formulas are not tested on animals, only very picky people.
Seriously, can anyone resist this brightly colored Soap & Glory Hand Food tube? It’s extremely easy on the eyes despite it being vibrant. It’s really girly too. And just like Benefit Cosmetics, Soap & Glory comes up with the wittiest tag lines as well. Remember my Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It (Read review HERE)? Same smart-ass line, right? 🙂
The famous Hand Food is just a typical white hand cream that feels soft and smooth on the skin. What sets it apart from other hand moisturizers is its oh-so adorable smell. It’s a bit hard to describe but it’s somewhere between sweet and talc-ish in smell. The scent stays on for hours though it’s never overpowering. How it smells when applied remains the same as it fades; it doesn’t change. Also, it’s incredible moisturizing! I just love using it after I wash the dishes – yes, I, too, have my own share of household chores and I’m not ashamed. 🙂

I don’t want to state the obvious but this is currently my favorite hand cream.
C’mon touch my hand.. it feels super soft. I swear! If you don’t believe me, just ask BF. LOL!
See you on my next post and good night! 😉