During my cousin’s stay in Singapore, she was nice enough to drop by Sephora to bring home a couple of Soap & Glory products for me to try. I remember seeing some S&G products being sold online and the witty packaging really caught my eyes. I started reading reviews about the brand and for the majority who tried S&G products, it turned out to be a worthwhile purchase for them. This made me more eager to try something – ANYTHING – from the brand. I think it was destiny that of all the days that S&G could go on sale, it was the exact same day my cousin went to Sephora! Yey! *happy dance
Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, a 2-in1 scrub and mask, comes in a pastel pink, easy-to-squeeze tube with tons of writings all over. I really really like the clever word plays and the interesting info’s because just by looking/reading the short but catchy lines, you’ll know right away what’s it for.
Apply a pea-sized dollop onto a damp t-zone. (That’s your nose, chin, and forehead.) Massage gently in circular motions, then extend out to the less clogged places on your face. Rinse well and follow with moisturizer.
I find it weird at first when I saw that the scrub is bluish green in color but after a while, I got over it. LOL! As for the smell, it has a refreshing minty scent that is rather faint when sniffed straight from the tube but becomes a bit stronger during use. It is semi-thick, clay-like in consistency which differentiates it from other facial scrubs. I personally think the consistency has something to do with it doubling as a mask. 
The beads itself are finely milled and ultra small thus making it almost invisible at first glance and noticeable only after closer inspection.. though a lot of scrub beads are actually present in just a pea-sized amount. It also follows that it doesn’t feel gritty against the skin — making it gentle on the skin but still super effective in removing white heads. Moving on to its mask purpose.. what I particularly like about it is the cooling sensation – yes, cooling NOT burning. It feels so relaxing and fresh! And such a breeze to wash off.

Do not use near the eye area as the fumes may lead to irritation.

After just one use, my skin instantly looked smoother and felt oh-so softer! It effectively removed the lump of stubborn whiteheads around my nose, unclogged my pores but did very little for my blackhead — just refer to the photo above. On a longer span of usage (been using this since December), Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It was able to minimize pores and reduce oiliness without the dry and tight feeling. Normally, when I use my EnCara BB Cream and then exposed under the sun for awhile, the bridge of my nose has the tendency of producing excess oil. But after using Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It a couple of times already, I noticed that rarely happens. So yeah, it keeps oiliness at bay!
TIP: If you have dry skin, use this only when needed or at most, once a week. It is not overly drying like most scrubs but it still contains Salicylic Acid that is used to dry out pimples which could further dry your skin.

Ooh I long for the day that I can finally visit Sephora myself!
I’ll be saving up for that day — I hope it comes soon!