Aren’t palettes for freelance/professional makeup artists and YouTube gurus? Why would a normal person need to carry around a concealer palette when she can just buy one that works perfectly for her? 
The answer for the first question would be of course NO. A normal person actually needs to keep 2-3 shades of concealers within reach to cope with our skin’s changes due to hormones and other factors like the time of  day and amount of sleep. Not to mention our skin’s significant change in color during the summer. So no, concealer palettes aren’t just for MUA’s and gurus.
I’m not telling you to buy a huge palette with 20+ shades of concealers if you’re only planning to use it personally. A small concealer wheel or a palette like Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette would do the trick. Small, handy and easy to carry around. Perfect for personal use.
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This concealer works to minimize the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and skin imperfections while offering an overall smooth and polished finish. Two shades of concealer make it possible to custom-blend your own shade. Rich in treatment ingredients this palette contains: Jojobal Oil, Horse Chestnut Extract and Apricot Oil for smoothing and emollient properties; Vitamins A, C & E protect with anti-oxidant and anti-aging action and the colorless powder smoothes skin and offers hydrating properties for a natural and bright finish. PAO 24M AWARD WINNER: October 2008 Allure Best of Beauty Awards

This compact palette contains 2 different shades of concealers, 1 neutralizer (or what we usually call corrector) and a translucent powder to seal everything and prevent them from smudging.
They’re housed in this compact palette with plastic cover so you can see the shades easily. It also has a magnetic lock which, in my opinion, is very efficient. Especially when I’m in a hurry. Over-all, I love the packaging. It’s sleek, sturdy and light-weight. The only thing that could make it even better is if it came with a small concealer brush.
I was so excited to try this ever since I heard about the brand from my tita in NY. I even brought it with me during our monthsary date just to show bf that I got a new concealer palette. How he reacted after seeing the shades made me laugh so hard, java chip frappe almost came out of my nostrils. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated but still.. it was pretty hilarious.

He was like, “Green concealer? Ano ka alien?” while referring to the one on the bottom left.
So for the benefit of those who might react similarly, the green-ish shade is the neutralizer or better known as corrector. In a normal color wheel, the color directly opposite one color is it’s neutralizer. Example, when we lack sleep, the blue veins under our eyes combined with our dark under eye circles causes that section to look purple-ish. Opposite purple in the color wheel is yellow. That’s why we use yellow concealer to cover up our dark circles.
Following that same thought, green, which is the opposite of red, neutralizes any redness caused by pimple marks and insect bites. Don’t be scared to use green correctors for it will not look the same green-ish shade on the palette when applied. Rather, the redness of the marks and the green corrector will neutralize each other and become white. 
Top-Bottom, Left-Right from the palette.
The first one is the lighter shade concealer. It has a yellowish to peachy undertone for those blessed with fairer complexion. Be careful in putting on too much of this shade though since it tends to give off a white cast. The next shade, darker concealer. This one has a pink-ish undertone. I personally vouch for this particular shade, all Filipina skintone here. LOL! I use this whenever I pull an all-nighter cause this just works perfectly for me. The third is the neutralizer which I already explained above. Lastly, my least favorite from the palette, the translucent powder. I don’t know why but this looks cakey on me. Also, it’s a bit too chalky for my taste. I still use it for highlighting my brow bone though.
Pardon my sleep-deprived eyes.

I love the coverage (medium to heavy). It’s very buildable though a bit difficult to blend because of the thick consistency. But with this kind of coverage, I can hide a tattoo or even a birth mark! Seriously! 
Few tips: Make sure your under eye area is well moisturized before applying this. Not only to make blending a breeze but also to avoid caking. The concealers are really really thick so blending is the key.

Where to buy one? Check out Stuff in Style.
How much? Php 800.
Concealers are my life savers. I’d be caught dead without them.
I’d love to hear what your go-to concealer of the moment is. πŸ˜‰