The first few blushes I used came in the form of lip/cheek tints. I used to love ’em because they look natural under light powder – provided that they’re applied properly – and they don’t fade throughout the day. *here comes the huge “but”.* BUT tints have limited shades to choose from, messy to use as they tend to stain the fingers and difficult to control. That’s why for years I’ve never bought a tint again — until now, that is.

That changed when I tried this “magic” tint. Yes, you read it right. I said MAGIC
So what’s magical about this? Read on to know why. πŸ˜‰

I’ve read about this so-called magic cream blush before and I was intrigued by the name, to say the least. Though I never felt the urge to “hunt down” this product. Until one fateful afternoon (trying sound dramatic LOL!), I came across a booth at the LaSallian Week Bazaar that sells a number of brands that are usually only available thru direct sellers like Human Nature, Sophie Paris and the like. I kinda rummaged the booth out of excitement and saw the Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream Blush boxes somewhere at the very back of their stash. Score!!!:) Would you believe it, I got this 10mL tube for only Php 80! That’s considered affordable on all possible levels. πŸ˜€

Unlike the usual lip/cheek tints that have bottle packaging, Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream Blush comes in a simple, pink and white easy-squeeze tube like such. When I say easy-squeeze, I really do mean easy-squeeze as it requires very minimal effort to dispense the product yet still easy to control because of the slanted tip like that of a lip gloss/lip balm.

The content is indeed creamy and very easy to apply and blend. I would really suggest this product to makeup beginners as it requires no background in makeup application at all. Also, you won’t need a brush of some sort for this. Your clean fingers would do the just fine. However, if you plan to do some spot concealing on your cheek area, any cheek tint in general would not be your best bet since the concealer would either cover the blush completely or worse, make it look uneven or patchy.
According to Sophie Paris’ site, this could also be used on the lips.
Now for the magical part…
The product comes out as a milky white cream but after a few seconds of blending it out with circular motion, it then transforms to a light pink blush that changes depending on several factors. *Tadaaa!* Soft and subtle rosy pink color for a natural flush.. or you could also leave the product longer like the small dot on the left side for a darker, more intense shade of pink. It stays on for hours and is sweat-proof! Best part is that it doesn’t stain the fingers as much as other tints do! If you blend away the product and remove any excess from the finger in 2 minutes or less, you’d hardly see any stain at all! 
Oh and also, I think this would show up best on fair skin. πŸ™‚

Down side to the “now you see it, now you don’t” property of Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream Blush is that it is somehow tricky to apply because you can’t really see the shade at first. So the trick is to build the shade gradually using only a pea size amount and not letting it sit on one particular area for too long.

Don’t you just love natural-looking blush? No, don’t answer that. I know everyone does. LOL! <3
Do you have any particular product in mind that you would like me to review? 
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