For those of you who follow me on Twitter (my username is celline08 by the way), you would know that I’ve been experiencing the worst breakout ever. I kept switching products because nothing really worked for me. I was even convinced that I should go see a dermatologist to seek professional help. But that’s when a package from Korea Cosmetics came. A huge package, might I add.
I thought, “why not give this last product a try before consulting a dermatologist?”

My boyfriend is so addicted to this Korean singer named IU and I was forced to watch her music video. All throughout the video I kept telling myself, what makeup or skincare brand is she using? Her skin is like porcelain. I’m so jealous!

Koreans are known to have clear flawless skin that’s why I’m always eager to try Korean products. Well, I’ve been using this product religiously for two weeks now and I have nothing but praises for this skincare brand. Want to know why? Continue reading, lovely people.  🙂
  “A luxurious lightweight serum is designed for mature and uneven toned skin, which targets age spots and the entire complexion. Penetrates deep into the skin’s dermal layers, where it enhances collagen production and reduces melanosome activity and tyrosinase activation. Skin becomes smoother and brighter with each use.”.
Stemcello Revitalizing EMortal Vitamin C Serum is housed in a classy-looking gold container with a convenient pump which I personally like. I don’t like dipping my fingers in a tub of skincare product because I’m not really sure how clean my hands are. I might get dirt/dust in the product which could totally defeat the function of the skincare product. Good thing this one has a pump.
Direction for Use: Apply 2-3 pumps to the face including the eye area and additional serum on area where it needs more hydration.
Left-Right, Top-Bottom. It is non-sticky. Super smooth finish!
2-3 pumps actually go a long way with this product. With that number of pumps, I am also able to apply the product on my whole neck area. And I also double the application on my eye area because it needs the most hydration.
It has an indicator on the side that shows how much product is still inside. I wouldn’t want to run out of my everyday face cream especially when I have to buy it all the way from Korea. So yeah, I find it very useful.
I was really planning to post a review after a month or two of usage since it takes time to really see the effects of skincare products. But what made me change my mind is the fact that there is already visible result after two weeks of use.
Sorry about the quality of photos. I tried to document the change using the front camera of my iPhone 4s which explains why they’re a bit blurry and I have different lighting (especially on the last photo). Anyway, I don’t use foundation on a daily basis. In the photos, I didn’t cover up with concealer. Instead, I just dust on my everyday powder, Maybelline Pressed Powder in Sand Beige, to let my skin breathe and allow the pimples to subside.
NOTE: I use other products to treat my pimples. What I want to show in the picture was how StemCello helped even out the discoloration. 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s not as hydrating/moisturizing to the skin as I want it to be. I noticed that the area around my eyes are still a little dry and flaky even if I apply more of the StemCello serum in that particular area. I still have to use a super moisturizing eye cream to make it supple and smooth before makeup application. Just so my concealer would glide perfectly. 🙂

Other StemCello Products: 

They have a wide variety of products that would fit every skin type’s needs.
Visit Korea Cosmetics site to see what product is best for your skin type. 🙂

– The packaging screams SOPHISTICATED. It looks like a really expensive high-end brand that costs thousands of pesos. Plus points for the indicator on the side as well.
– The container is not very bulky. It easily fits in my bag when I have to go back to my dorm. Its slim cylindrical and lightweight packaging is very travel-friendly.
– It takes a while to dry but it’s neither sticky nor greasy. It feels light on the face. As if I didn’t put anything!
– It has a velvety smooth finish after drying. During the first tries, I kept asking my sister to touch my face with the back of her hand because it feels so smooth!
– A 30 mL container can last for as long as 5-6 months! I’ve been using it non-stop for 2 weeks already  (twice a day) and I still have more than 9/10 of the container remaining.
– It gives an instant brightening glow in the morning after washing the face. I like how fresh I look every morning. Maybe with continuous usage, I could look that fresh all day. LOL!
– After 2 weeks, the hideous pimple marks on my cheeks significantly lessened. The serum not only whitens the face but it also evens out the discoloration on my cheeks. I’d give a perfect 5 for that but only 3.5/5 for the hydration part.

– The pump is very tricky because it tends to squirt the product rather violently. LOL! Try to pump it on tip of your fingers gently so that when the pump goes out of hand, it will end up on your palms instead of the floor. 🙂
– Not as hydrating as I want it to be though. 
– It’s not available locally BUT you can order it from Korea Cosmetics. Click HERE to be directed to their page.
Buy Again? Yes, of course! Isn’t it obvious how much I like this product? LOL!
My Verdict: 4.5/5