Just when I thought sugar wax was the yummiest wax in the market, Strip It came up with an even tempting treat for their hairless beauties. 
What it is, you ask? It’s none other than chocolate wax of course.

Sounds yummy, right? But what’s more interesting is that it actually works!
I got my hands on their new product almost a month ago but since I recently waxed using the sugar wax, I had to wait for few weeks to let the hair grow out a bit. Just so the pictures can show the difference.
“The new Strip It Chocolate sugaring has real Cacao extracts that gives extra moisturizing effect on the skin after your sugaring session. It leaves a yummy chocolate-y scent to your skin too!”

For the step by step procedure, please refer to my Strip It Sugar Wax post. Click HERE.

It is advised not to put any lotion or creamy moisturizer after sugaring/waxing so this product is just the solution for that. Cacao is known to hydrate the skin and turns dry skin smooth and soft, giving light natural glow.

Chocolate Wax versus Sugar Wax

Chocolate wax has a thicker consistency than Sugar wax making it significantly harder to spread. It tends to roll on the skin instead of creating a layer over the skin (or maybe it’s just because I stored it for quite some time now). 
As I noticed, it removes more hair in one attempt compared to the sugar wax.
If you have long and thin hair, use sugar wax. But for stubborn re-growth (short and thick), I suggest you use chocolate wax.

Check out Strip It’s page to know more about the product. Click HERE.
Waxing removes the very roots of the hair.
– It removes a lot of hair in just one attempt.
– The re-growth is noticeably thinner and sparser.
– It is less messy than normal wax since this particular wax doesn’t need to be heated.
– With continuous use, this promise to help whitens the skin.
– It’s definitely less painful and it smells oh so yummy!
– It’s difficult to spread since it kinda balls up and rolls over the skin.
– For the meantime, it’s only available in one size (small tub).
Buy Again? Yes! This is a must to remain hairless for weeks.
My Verdict: 5/5