I started waxing my legs since I was in 2nd year high school. Yes, I started very early. Not because I have man-hair legs but because my mama wanted to try the wax she bought. Since then, waxing had become a part of my routine. Hot wax, cold wax, cold strips and other hair removal products; name it, I’ve tried it. Eventually, I grew tired of waxing so I tried VEET hair removal cream but unfortunately, I was allergic to it. I went to the derma and learned that a lot of women are actually allergic to VEET!
So due to my laziness, I opted to just shave my legs every 2-3 days because I thought it was less time consuming. Well, here’s a product that made me think twice. πŸ˜‰
Ms. Arlette of Strip It was kind enough to offer me a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for my blog. One to try it out myself and the other one to give away. Yay! Thanks, Ms. Arlette! 
Another item I can add to my giveaway prizes. Ooh! Expect a bigger giveaway.. SOON! πŸ˜€

A set contains the following: the tub that has the wax, a wooden spatula, reusable cloths and a manual.
I bought the medium tub thinking that I will only use it for review purposes. But while waxing my legs, I kept hearing the voice in my head saying, “You should’ve taken the big tub instead!” Oh regrets, why do I keep having you? LOL!

At the back of their paper bag. πŸ™‚

200g for only Php 200!

Other info taken from their manual:

“Strip It” also exfoliates, since dead skin cells and dirt are stripped off at the same time. It is laced with moisturizer making the skin smoother. And the Calamansi promotes skin lightening!

It is a type of cold wax. No heating required!
I didn’t shave my legs for more than a week for this review. LOL!

Please excuse my hairy legs, will you? πŸ˜€

How to use Strip It! Sugar Wax:

Preparation: Make sure the area you want to wax is clean and dry. If you have oily skin, lightly apply powder and brush it off.
1. Apply wax to your skin using the wooden spatula, in the direction of your hair growth. The skin surface must be flat so do stretch you skin.
2.  Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the waxed area and rub for a few seconds.
When you rub the cloth, make sure you also follow the direction of your hair growth.

3. Then immediately strip off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do it rapidly but closely to the skin. If the strip is removed slowly or wax stayed on the skin too long, the hair will not come off.

With just one attempt, look at the trace where I used the wax? See the difference?

Lastly, wipe the skin with damp cloth or towel afterwards to remove excess wax. Do not wash for 6-8 hours.

If redness and bumps as such occurs, don’t worry. This is a normal reaction to any wax because of the pressure used to remove the hair. It should disappear within an hour.
After 20 minutes of waxing both legs, VIOLAAA!

Hairless and smooth legs for 2-4 weeks. I can wear shorts again! 

Where to get it? Visit their online shop HERE.

– Since Strip It is made mainly of sugar, it adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin. Making it less painful compared to other artificial waxes and less probability of skin irritation.
– It takes 2-4 weeks before the hair grows back again. My legs have been hairless for 10 days now!
– There is no itchy and irritating hair re-growth. When I shave my legs, the hair that grows back are so thick, it makes my legs very itchy. I just cant resist scratching it causing permanent scratch mark on my legs.
– The hair that grows back are thinner and sparser.
– No chicken skin. It makes my legs really smooth.
– It’s cheaper and easier to use compared to other wax products available at Watson’s. Believe me, I’ve tried almost all hair removing products they have. LOL!
– The cloths are reusable. Just wash the cloths with running water until the wax and hair are completely gone then let it dry.
– Like any other wax, it is time consuming and you have to let the hairs grow out a bit before you can wax it. Other than what is common to all waxing products, NONE.
Buy Again? Yes! This is so convenient to use.
My Verdict: 5/5
Have you tried this waxing yet? Let me know what you think! πŸ˜‰