I was going through some of the photos on my laptop last night when I saw this. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this yet! I’ve had this brush since last year and the photos for review dated November 2012. I totally forgot about posting this – which is weird because I use some of the brushes here on a daily basis so it’s not like I neglected the set or anything. >.<
You probably all know by now how essential brushes are for me in my daily makeup routine. And, well, how lazy I am when it comes to cleaning my brushes so I just opt to buy a lot of brushes as spares. LOL! This set was actually from Ms. Diane of My Kiss ‘n Make-up. Yey for more spare brushes! ๐Ÿ˜€

Suesh 18-Pc. Pro Brush Set comes in this classy white pouch with individual slots for the brushes and a white flap to cover the upper half. It has a cute wrap-around belt with magnetic lock to make sure it doesn’t open accidentally. Everything about the pouch screams luxurious and sophisticated. It’s easy to carry around for gigs too. However, in my fear of messing up the all-white pouch, I have to bring a different container where I can put my used brushes. This pouch has no place for dirty brushes. ๐Ÿ™‚
The brushes have vegan (synthetic) bristles and sparkly beige handles. The bristles are generally soft and aren’t scratchy on the skin โ€“ with the exceptions of some. I’ve washed them several times before and I’m happy to say that although there was minimal shedding, there was no brush bleeding at any rate. And after 7 months of use, the metal ferrules are still staying strong. This set is pretty sturdy!
Let’s begin with my favorites, the face brushes.
Fan Brush – this is essentially used for fanning out fallout but I also use it in creating more defined contour lines. It’s very soft and fluffy which makes it such a joy to brush against the skin. I did not experience any fallout with this particular brush. However, when placing it inside the pouch, be sure the bristles don’t go on the part that folds because this could easily misshape the brush. Also, I feel that the handle is too chubby making it harder it hold. HIT!
Powder Brush – this is my all-time favorite powder brush when it comes to applying thin layer of Ben Nye Neutral Setting Powder (Read review HERE). Its bell/dome shape top picks up the perfect amount of product while its density and size is just right to cover the a great area without focusing too much product in one specific area. Like the fan brush, this powder brush’s bristles are soft, doesn’t shed and the handles is, again, too chubby. HIT!
Angled Blush Brush – like the name suggests, this brush is best for applying blush. However, because of its size and density, I don’t use it for blending blush. It’s only good for applying blush in the apples of the cheeks with patting motion. It’s soft too but it’s not as densely packed as I want my blush brush to be. HIT!
Moving on to more face brushes…
Foundation Brush – I actually like this foundation brush. Its density makes it a bit tricky to apply foundation without the brush soaking up the product but what makes it worthwhile to use is that it’s very soft and it doesn’t create foundation streaks even for newbies. HIT!
Bronzer Brush – I’m quite lost with this one. I find it rather useless – maybe because I have no idea how to use it properly. I think it’s too small for my face and it’s not fluffy enough to use for blending. And because I use the same brush for blush and bronzers, I don’t think I need a separate one. MISS!
Small Fan Brush – Another rarely used brush. It serves the exact same purpose of the Fan Brush above so I don’t really see the purpose of including this one in the set. MISS!
Next, Eye and Lip Brushes.
Eyeshadow Brushes & Concealer Brush – It’s great that the set carries different sizes of eyeshadow brushes because let’s face it, not everyone has the same eye lid space, right? The small brushes also allow more detailed works. My only problem with them is that the synthetic material doesn’t pick up as much powder eyeshadow as I hope it would. Although it works great in spreading and evening it out cream and liquid eyeshadows/concealers. The bristles are, again, soft and it doesn’t irritate the skin. HIT!
Some more eyeshadow brushes…
Eyeshadow Base Brush โ€“ like the large Eyeshadow Brush above, this is for applying all-over wash on the lids that acts as base color. It picks a far greater amount of product compared to the other eyeshadow brushes mentioned above. Now this is where it becomes really problematic, for me at least. The bristles arenโ€™t as soft and itโ€™s scratchy on the lids too. Also, I experienced major shedding with brushes with the same brown bristles. And when I say shedding, itโ€™s not only during wash but also during use! I even had a bristle strand inside my eye one time. MISS!
Bullet/Crease Brush โ€“ this is serves an important role when creating smokey eye looks as this is used for blending out colors and making gradient effect. However, just like the Eyeshadow Base Brush, there was major shedding and the bristles arenโ€™t any good too. MISS!
Flat Definer Brush โ€“ I liked to call this as โ€œpush liner brushโ€ because this is what I use in tight lining the upper lash line. How exactly? By running the tip of the bristles on a creamy eyeliner pencil and then pushing the brush on the lash line to transfer the color. The bristles are fine although there were tijmes that it felt like it was poking my eyes. HIT!
Lip Brush โ€“ I honestly donโ€™t know how this works. Iโ€™ve had my fair share of lip liner brushes before but this one is certainly too pointed and narrow to a point that it really canโ€™t pick up lip color much less apply it on the lips without hurting me. If you know how to properly use this, please do let me know. MISS!
Grooming tools: Brow Comb, Mascara Brush and Sponge Smudger. MISS!
All three tools are nice but in my opinion, unnecessary. I always see these as “fillers” just to make a set bigger or something. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not half bad; I just don’t really use them that much so I wouldn’t mind removing them from the set and maybe bringing the price down a little. ๐Ÿ™‚
This Suesh 18-Pc. Pro Brush Set would be great for those who are breaking in the freelance makeup industry, I don’t think an ordinary person/newbie would need this much brushes. Well, unless you’re a hardcore makeup enthusiast and blogger like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the overall quality of the set, I strongly feel that it’s pretty decent – most of them are great but some not-so-good pieces brought the entire set down.
Price: Php 3,000
Available at: Suesh Makeup Toolkit Branches
What’s the most important brush in your kit? Care to share?
Post them down below and I’ll see you on my next post. ๐Ÿ™‚