Few months ago, my Facebook news feeds was always filled photo shares of the famous Beauty Blender. I wanted to try it but the price was… let me put it this way, not student-friendly. LOL! Thousands of pesos for just a sponge? Hell to the no. I won’t shell out that much moolah for a sponge. So I just settled with my foundation and flat top ELF brush for the meantime.
Now, as the hype for the Beauty Blender dies down, a lot of brands are offering a similar sponge for a fraction of the cost. That’s what I love about knock offs! If you’re lucky or just plain awesome in distinguishing brands, you get almost the same quality for half the price.
Used Suesh Puff Sponge and James Cooper Cream Foundation (read review HERE).

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:
It creates a smooth finish though pimple bumps cannot be completely concealed. 
Here’s a peek on what the final output looks like:
My sister. 🙂

My readers call it, La Amarilla.


– It gives a flawless finish.
– The curves on both sides make a perfect handle.
– It makes foundation application so much easier.
– I spend shorter time in blending cream foundation when using this sponge than with any brush.
– It is a great alternative for the Beauty Blender. Suesh sells this for only Php 550.
Visit their site HERE to know more about the product.
– It’s super cute! It looks like Kirby the alien from Chicken Little.

– Once used, the foundation stain cannot be completely removed even after washing several times.
Buy Again? Yes, it makes foundation application on other people a breeze.
My Verdict: 4.5/5