“Brushes make all the difference in makeup application.Everyone from the most skilled makeup artist to the woman who wears only the basics can benefit from using the right tools” – Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
With that said, I try my best to invest on quality brushes despite my budget constraints.
Suesh Smoky Eyes Brush Set
Here’s a little trivia for you, girls: Did you know that smokey eye makeup started during the Industrial Revolution? Yep, that’s true. Back then, they use coals to color their eyelids to make it more dramatic.
Yes, the grey pouch is included in the set. Neat, right?:))
The pouch looks small at first glance. I was surprised that ALL my everyday makeup and tools can fit in it! Can you identify the things in my pouch? πŸ˜€
Now, for the brushes.
Classic black handles that are shorter and stubbier than ELF and Marrionaud brush handles.
L-R: Eyeshadow Brush, Angled Brush, Dome Brush and Shader Brush.
I intentionally captured the photo in this tone to show the spaces between the bristles of each brush.
Suesh says:
Apply lightest eyeshadow colour over the entire lid, including the brow arch.
This particular makes highlighting my brow bone so much easier.

Suesh says: 
Subtly blend darker eyeshadow up from your lash line to the eye crease.
Left: Front View                                          Right: Side View
I use this to darken my crease to make my eyes pop. πŸ™‚
My two cents on the first 2 brushes:
[Eyeshadow Brush] The shape is great for highlighting the brow bone. 
– Very fluffy and soft.
– Not rough on the skin.
– The brush didn’t bleed during the first few times I washed it.
– It sheds like crazy! Even after washing it, I can see tons of bristles scattered on the table where I left it to dry.
Suesh says:
Smudge along the lash line to add a smoky, seamless effect. 
– No shedding and bleeding.
– It is soft on the skin.
– Its pointed tip is nice for creating details.
– It sometimes create a harsh line that cannot be easily blended out.
– I find it too thick to use on the lash line but too thin for blending.
Suesh says:
Use thin brush to apply eyeliner working inwards from the other corner of the eyes. Start with a thicker line, becoming thinner as you go towards the inside corner.
Left: Front View                                      Right: Side View
This is the holy grail of this set. This is the thinnest angled brush I own. πŸ™‚
– It’s really thin. Perfect for creating a wing toward the end of the outer corner of the eyes.
– With this brush and NOIR from Sleek palette in Bad Girl (Read review HERE), creates a great replacement for black eyeliners.
– No shedding and bleeding.
– It makes eyeshadow application on the lower lash line so much easier.
– Nothing I can think of. I absolutely love this brush! πŸ˜€
For more information, check out their site HERE.
Buy Again? The whole set, NO. But for the Angled Brush, I’d totally get a spare just in case I lose mine. πŸ˜‰
My Verdict: 4/5