Ok, I’m halfway through the The Body Shop Loot I got from my tito… I can now make short reviews about the products. YEY!
I got several sets with these items in each paperbag.
First up, my favorite, The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter.
Before I was born, my mama always craves for chocolates (pinaglihi on chocolates). That explains why I love chocolates. And when I first smelled the The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter, OMG I wanted to lick it right off. It smells like chocolate and caramel, almost like Tofifee!
Funny thing was I didn’t know what to do with a body butter. LOL! I use lotion in a daily basis but I’ve never tried body butter before this one. Yes, I may be the most ignorant vain who ever lived. I had to search the internet to know its use.

Here’s a little help to other ignorant kikays like me.
1.  Apply the body butter to your entire body, concentrating especially on dry areas like the bottoms of the feet, the fingers, the face and anywhere else that is personally dry for you. Body butter’s No. 1 use is moisturizing. It will restore moisture to your skin and help replenish the healthy look.
    • 2. Find areas on your body that are wrinkled. This is normally the face, chin, neck and hands. Body butter has been known to help reduce early signs of wrinkling and to help make skin stronger and more resistant to being stretched.

  • 3. Look for scars or stretch marks on your body. Certain types of body butter are meant to help reduce scars and stretch marks. They’re supposed to help heal them and make newer cells healthier so that they duplicate the look of your normal skin instead of the look of your scars, thus reducing the obviousness of the marks.
  • It offers 48 hours of skin hydration. Let’s see if that’s still true even under this terribly hot summer.
    This is what the actual product look like if anyone is interested in buying.
    – I love the smell! I keep asking my sister to smell my arm after I get dressed. LOL!
    – It really does hydrate the skin. I tried scratching my skin after few hours but there is no white line like the one when you scratch a black board.
    – In a just a short time, some areas of my feet doesn’t look and feel a bit scaly/dry anymore.

    – It’s sticky and a bit oily. I can’t bear how greasy my skin feels especially when I sweat (which I can’t control. It soooo hot!).
    Buy Again? Maybe on a rainy season or whenever it’s not so hot anymore.
    My Verdict: 3.5/5