I won’t be doing a review on the floral musk which was also included in The Body Shop Loot so this will be the second to the last installment for The Body Shop Review.
Suitable for blemished skin.
I don’t really have blemished or problematic skin. I do get a pimple every now and then but not really huge ones or not all at once. Blackheads and whiteheads are a more pressing issue for me than pimple.
So I asked my sister to use it too. But since she didn’t like the smell, she stopped using it even before I can see any noticeable results.
– After a few minutes, it has a cooling sensation which I love.
– My skin doesn’t feel stretched or dry after washing.
– It makes my skin a little bit softer and clearer after use.
– I generally don’t like the smell of tea tree. Its too strong for me.
– It takes longer to wash off.
– It doesn’t remove pimples. I used it for almost 2 weeks and the bump/pimple of some sort in my forehead is still there.
– It’s not foamy. (This is very subjective; I like foamy facial washes because I can see it turn to beige as it removes my makeup residue)
Buy Again? No, even Pond’s has a better facial wash than this.
My Verdict: 2/5