Better get your shades and sunblock ready, girls, because summer is here! Wait, before talking about summer, let me first share with you my bath time favorite during the cold season. Yeah, that time when taking a bath was more of a social obligation rather than a hygiene thing. HAHA! I’m not gonna lie, during the cold months, I dread taking a bath since we don’t have a heater in the apartment. The only thing I look forward to when taking a bath then was these oh-so-yummy desserts for the skin. Remember my event post on Because Inc. a couple of months back? If not, read it HERE.
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THE CREAM FACTORY begins with goat’s milk which is packed with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics which moisturize, exfoliate, heal, and promote collagen growth. But THE CREAM FACTORY didn’t settle for just any goat’s milk – it uses real Netherlands goat’s milk which is known for its purity and quality.
The Cream Factory, unlike the other “goat’s milk” creams in the market today, contains real goat’s milk from the Netherlands – that’s the best kind! And hey, the packaging stays true to its motif. It comes in different sizes of what appears to be old fashioned milk bottles from barns or something you see in old films. Even the labels and the sticker stamp on the cap gives the same vibe. I like how the markings aren’t easily scratched off, too.
The bath cream itself is thick and rich. It’s not the kind that drips off as you try to foam it up. I love how the smell envelopes the entire room soothing my senses and how the scent stays on the skin even after shower. It foams up quite nicely and lathers fairly easily too. Compared when I use regular soaps, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. Not once did I feel the dry tugging sensation after wash. Heck, I can even skip lotion afterwards. I have nothing but pure unadulterated love for these babies. Definitely worth a try! <3

9 variants and their uses: Almond, The Detoxifying Soap. Witch Hazel, The Rejuvenating Soap. Yogurt, The Soothing Soap. Avocado, The Radiating Soap. Honey, The Germ-Killing Soap. Seaweed, The Revitalizing Soap. Cinnamon, The Purifying Soap. Jojoba, The Clarifying Soap. Acai Berry, The Age-Defying Soap.
I generally don’t like cinnamon in anything – even in coffee and that’s says a lot because I live for coffee! There’s just something about cinnamon flavored anything that ticks me off so when Erika, Because Inc’s IT girl, asked me to sniff-and-guess the flavors, I could not, for the life of me, guess the cinnamon one. Now here’s the big shocker, of all three variants that I have, cinnamon turned out to be my favorite. The smell is just bolder than the other two. It engulfs the entire shower area with its luscious smell and it stays on the skin for quite some time. I still don’t eat anything with cinnamon but yeah, The Cream Factory Bath Cream is the only exception. I’d lick my skin if I can – I smell so yummeeehh!
Price: Php 799 for 768mL and Php 699 for bundled pack (3 bottles of 221mL)
Available at: Rustans and BDJ Box Online Boutique
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