Time and again, I have expressed how essential a black eyeliner is for a girl and how every woman should have it in their kit. Black eyeliner is a tool that could change a simple eye makeup to a more dramatic look and fake fuller looking lashes. But as time goes by, I’ve grown to love subtler looks and opting to use brown liners instead of black comes with the territory. I guess letting go of edgy black lined eyes for soft brown looks comes with growing old and the emotional maturity… NOT! LOL! I’m just currently inlove with browns and other earth-tone shades for no apparent reason.

Again, this one is another bargain I’m very proud to have nabbed from Seoul Catch. Brace yourselves for the huge saving! I bought this for Php 275 and the online selling price is… AUD 23.75 (Php 1,020) – and that’s after a 5% discount! With that amount, I could buy 3 of these and still get change if I buy it from Seoul Catch! Click HERE for price reference online.

3g of Face & it All About Gel Liner is housed in a frosted glass jar with a brown reflective screw top lid. The jar is quite big and bulky considering that the product doesn’t even reached half of the jar. I like the simplistic yet elegant packaging but I would appreciate it even more if they just remove the lower half that seems to be rather useless.
02 is a deep brown color while 01 is the black one. Basing from the brown gel liner I bought, I would say that Face & it All About Gel Liner is soft, creamy and highly-pigmented. It creates a defined line in a single stroke and could easily build the depth just by going through it with a few more strokes. It glides on smoothly without tugging the lids because of its creamy consistency but once dry it’s almost budge-proof. 

I remember foregoing Maybelline Gel Liner and buying ELF instead just because latter came with a free slanted liner brush. Looking back on it now, I should’ve put quality over the free brush. LOL! Oh I was so naive back then! ๐Ÿ™‚ But if the product itself is of decent quality, like this Face & it All About Gel Liner, I wouldn’t mind getting a free brush to compliment the nice liner.
And look! Not only did it come with a single brush but a DUAL-ENDED brush instead! Two brushes in one mid-sized brush – both with covers too! How great is that?! ๐Ÿ™‚ On one end, there is a typical sponge applicator for eyeshadows. This works best for thicker and deeper lines because it picks up a great deal of product. And on the other side is a thin brown synthetic brush for thinner and more defined lines.
TIP: If you’re going for a smoky subtle look, use the thin brush to draw the line and then smudge it before it dries using the sponge brush.


Left: Using the black sponge end of the brush. Right: Using the finer brown brush on the other end.
Face & it All About Gel Liner really is water-proof and this comes in handy given our unpredictable weather.  However, I cannot say the same for it being smudge-proof. I noticed that my eyelids are now becoming oily and sweaty often times because of the humid temperature. If for the sweat, I won’t mind it because this liner can handle that. But when it’s coupled with oiliness, that’s when I start to notice the problem as it easily transfers to my finger whenever I dab my finger on the corner of my eyes. But that’s something that can be fixed. If you don’t have oily lids, you don’t have to worry about the smudging part.

TIP: Try priming the eyes first and then sealing the liner with an eyeshadow of the same shade to make it last longer. This would also make the liner subtler and softer.

Overall, Face & it All About Gel Liner is a great product and definitely worth a try – given of course that you get it for only less than Php 300. Awesome pigmentation, soft, creamy and has decent staying power – That’s enough for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Check out my Seoul Catch Haul HERE and let me know which one to review next so I’ll know which product to prioritize or use first. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re into Korean stuff, don’t forget to visit Seoul Catch’s page HERE.

P.S I was not paid for this post. I paid for this product using my own money.