know what you’re thinking, “foundation during
.  That’s what I thought too
but this one is really not that bad – yes, even for hot summer days. I actually
have TFS Face it Radiance Foundation on my face right now as I type this
review. I’ve been road testing this for almost 2 weeks now; in both air-conditioned
and non air-conditioned environment. What do I think of it? Read on to know
more! *wink
Product Description:

Face it Radiance Foundation SPF20, PA++ NB 23
Soft, lightweight
foundation delivers dewy finish with medium coverage while Baby Pixel Powder
and Diamond Illuminating Complex* optically sculpt and contour for an
appearance of smooth, radiant skin.

Diamond Illuminating Complex is an optical complex of diamond particles coated
with high definition micro powder that enhances delicate softness of the skin.

thing I don’t like about Korean brands in general is their shades selection.
More often than not, Korean brands only have 2 shades: NB 21 for lighter
complexion and NB 23 for slightly darker skin. They completely ignore the
diverse undertones and complexions of the people who compose their target
market. To be safe, I always pick the darker shade which is again NB 23. However,
most of the time, it’s still tad lighter than my NC 35/40 skin tone. Also, most
of their products have pink undertone whereas most Filipinas have yellow. This
makes shopping for face base products harder, well for me at least. I, for one,
think it’s high time for Korean brands to come up with more shades especially
since they’re expanding their market globally.
Face it Radiance Foundation comes in a peachy orange plastic container with a
pump to dispense the product. I don’t know if it’s just me or is the summer
vibe getting to me but I find myself completely draw to the color of this
bottle; it’s very easy on the eyes. 
Anyway, the product itself is quite easy to use and carry around for the
container itself is rather light. I have to warn you though since the cap is
fairly easy to remove, it can spill in your bag if not packed properly. The
pump needs very little effort to use and usually 1-2 pumps is all I need to
cover my face and neck area. Another thing you’d like to take note of about the
pump is that, unlike the pump from one of Ever Bilena’s bottled foundation, the
product is not dispensed uncontrollably or squirts to all directions.
what the product claims, TFS Face it Radiance Foundation doesn’t feel heavy on
the skin at all; it’s very lightweight, indeed. It also has the same
consistency and texture as most BB cream but with better coverage. This is why
I actually try to overlook the unmatched undertone. It’s light, fluid and non
sticky thus making it easier to apply even without the use of brushes. I
noticed that TFS Face it Radiance Foundation has a faint smell that could go
unnoticeable – nothing too overwhelming. Also, it has tiny specks of reflecting
particles in it. I assume this is the Diamond Illuminating Complex it prides
itself on. These specks are very small that they unnoticeable from afar but could
still give the face a dewy, healthy glow.

As I mentioned above, this has better coverage than a normal
BB cream though it cannot substitute heavy coverage concealers altogether. One
layer of TFS Face it Radiance Foundation could prolly beat 2 layers of my
current Maybelline BB cream. It’s builable without caking even under the sun
although I prefer not layering on more since its pink undertone combined with
my apparent yellow undertone makes it look gray-ish if more than one layer is
used. If you have pink undertone, you could probably layer on more if needed. It
does oxidize after a couple of minutes or so but I honestly like it that way as
it makes it look even more natural.
As for the staying power, I always use primer
before applying anything but I also did try using this on its own. Let me just
say that for the record, this foundation could really last the entire day with
minimal retouching. It doesn’t slide of the face even when I sweat a lot. One
caveat though, TFS Face it Radiance Foundation transfers easily. I often see
traces of powder and foundation on my phone’s screen after a phone call. But
other than that, this is highly recommended especially when you need light to medium
coverage that won’t cake nor accentuate lines or other imperfections more under
the sun.
What’s your favorite The Face Shop product? Comment ’em down below!
I’ll definitely be doing a FOTD post using this one along with TFS Radiance Loose Powder. 🙂
I’ll be posting the review of the powder next. See you on my next post!