The renovation just started and it’s pretty much dusty
everywhere. Good thing I was able to finish most of the product shoots for my
reviews before they started taking down half of our house. Do expect a change
in settings when the other half – where
my room is located –
is taken down too. By then I think we’ll be staying in
Las Pinas. Wooh I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the review..
forgive my off-topic rambling just now. 🙂
Again, I bought this The Face Shop Face it Radiance Loose Powder late last year during TFS Korea’s yearend sale. It was 50% off then so I only paid Php 400 thru Seoul Catch. Prior my online spree at Seoul Catch, I haven’t really tried anything from TFS before so I really had no idea what to expect from the brand. I have to say, so far, so good. *wink

Product Description:

Face It Radiance Loose Powder NB 23
Air-fixing powder sets
makeup to prolong its staying power while microfine Diamond Illuminating
Complex* give skin a healthy sheen with transparent pink hue for an appearance
of youthful skin.

Diamond Illuminating Complex is an optical complex of diamond particles coated
with high definition micro powder that enhances delicate softness of the skin.

Face it Radiance Loose Powder is housed in a bulky plastic container with a
screw-lid top. It comes with a white sifter to control how much product is to
be dispensed and an ultra soft white puff for application – personally, I
prefer using a brush. The packaging in general is incredibly bulky and heavy.
It takes up a lot of space so it’s not really recommended for travel.
Nonetheless, you could always transfer some of the powder amount in a smaller
with the availability of shades.  Face it
Radiance Loose Powder, like the Face it Radiance Loose Foundation (Read review HERE), is only available in
two shades: NB 21 and 23. Being the darker one, I ordered NB 23 with the hopes
that it would fit my morena skin. Unfortunately, even NB 23 is still too light
for me. I won’t rant about the very limited shade selection for long because
I’ve already expressed my dismay all too detailed on my other post. However, I
still do wish they could come up with better shade variations.
on to the loose powder itself; It is, without a doubt, finely-milled as it feels
super soft against the skin. It’s neither too harsh nor irritating on the face.
It did not cause breakouts too which is definitely a plus for me since my skin
tends to breakout more during the summer. Face it Radiance Loose Powder has a
peach with slight hint of pinkness to it that is just enough to give the skin a
radiant glow, hence the name. However, if your skin leans more on the medium to
dark side, it creates more of a silky, slightly white-ish cast instead of a
pinkish glow. It goes on smoothly and it’s easy to even out. Also, it doesn’t
accentuate dry patches. And just like the TFS Face it Radiance Foundation that
I reviewed not too long ago, this contains the same specks of reflective
particles that could double as highlighter.
is out for the question. Face it Radiance Loose Powder offers very little
coverage as it is more of a setting powder or even a highlighter for some. I
love how it feels on my skin and how radiant my skin appears to be right after
applying it. But NB 23 is obviously too light for me.  It stays on nicely and doesn’t sparkle under
the sun – no Twilight-like characters here! Unfortunately, unlike other setting
powders, this does not keep shine and oiliness at bay. It requires several
retouches a day, given the temperature and amount of sweating the sun is
causing. So this is definitely not for everyday use. This is, however, translates
great on photos! No gray cast or mask-like whiteness on pictures if you’re
fortunate enough to have the shades match your skin. *wink

I won’t be able to use this on myself but I’m still keeping
it. My cousin who’s leaps and bounds fairer than me often asks me to do her
makeup for events – even after I gave her her very own makeup kit. I’m sure
this will come in handy. 🙂
What do you think?
Would you try this?

me know by commenting below.