Admit it, we girls all crave for that messy-but-still-pretty hair. I mean, who wants sleek and boring straight hair on a daily basis? It just looks lifeless and too made up. I know I speak for the majority when I say our goal for our everyday hair is this nice, slightly messy ‘do with just enough volume – something that we could caption: “oh this? I just woke up with great hair” as opposed to, “yes, I ironed my hair to submission for hours – points for effort?”. I know you get the gist. 🙂
Product Description:
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Toni&Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel. Lightweight formula enhances waves and layers for flexible hold and texture, with natural movement. Hold 6-8 inches from hair and spray evenly over mid-lengths to roots of dry or towel-dried hair. Style with fingers or a brush. For texture and definition, use before blow-drying.
Toni&Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel is pretty much like your ordinary hair spray in terms of packaging and application. The difference, though, lies on how stiff the hair becomes after. With regular hair spray, the hair clumps up into one stiff strand that it looks weird and unnatural – it’s great for formal up ‘dos but definitely not for everyday. Toni&Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel, on the other hand, gives you just the right amount of stiffness to give it volume and shape while still looking natural.

How I personally like to use it: I like to spray this on my slightly dampened hair before air-drying it and, before my hair completely dries, I spray on a little more as I lightly crumple the bottom part for added volume. The only time I apply this on directly on my dry hair is when I swiftly tie my hair in a bun on my way to the gym for the purpose of pushing down the tiny baby hairs sticking out of my head.

My hair is rebonded so it can look dull and limp at times – and this Toni&Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel is my lifesaver! It never fails to give me the natural-looking volume that I want for my hair. My hair now have more shade. Plus, it’s very easy to use and best of all; my hair doesn’t feel dry and coarse when I wash this off.
Available at: SM Watsons 
How about you, how do you get your favorite messy hair look? Spill! 😀