As promised, here’s part 2 of my at-home hair transformation. You can read part 1 [base color] HERE. I know a lot of you are excited and at the same time, curious about the product I used especially after posting a photo of the final result on my Facebook page late night. So here we go! 🙂
Product Description:
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Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Bleach. This hair bleach brightens hair color without damaging hair. Contains Berry Complex to minimize damage to hair, bleaches and brightens hair, easy to use and keeps hair soft and shiny.
I’ve always been hesitant about bleaching my hair. I’ve heard countless horror stories on how it could dry up the hair and turn it into something like plastic straws. So I thought, if something goes wrong, the worst case scenario would be having to chop a couple of inches off my hair.. and that ain’t too bad since a trim is overdue. With that, I decided to take the plunge and bleach my hair for the very first time. I knew this Berry Trendy Hair Bleach I got from Tony Moly during their Year-End Sale would come in handy. <3
Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Bleach contains 2 sachets: Solution 1 Powder and Solution 2 Lotion in a 1:3 ratio. Don’t think too much about the proportions of the two since the powder sachet already contains 10g and a corresponding 30mL lotion. All you have to do now is to prepare a plastic container and a plastic spoon where you can mix the two. Carefully empty the powder first. Try not to inhale even the tiniest amount of the powder as you transfer it. Next is to mix it with the lotion until it turns to a paste-like mixture.
TIP: Make sure you apply vaseline or petroleum jelly on the skin near the hairline to avoid stain or irritation. Don’t forget to use plastic gloves while applying the bleach. Use disposable container in mixing the bleach. Even with the color matrix provided on the box, always check your hair during the process – see if it’s becoming brittle. Lastly, it is best that you do a ‘patch test’ first before anything else. 
Most of the labels and instructions on the box are in Korean but if you rip open the box, there are English translations on the inner part. There’s also a matrix on the side of the box where you can see the different results depending on how long you leave the bleach on. However, it is important to note that different hair types react to bleach in varying degrees. Like in my case, it is easier to bleach and lighten previously colored hair. Same goes to those with highlights and damaged hair. So I think it would be best to test it on a small portion of the hair first – just to be sure you get the color you are aiming for.
As expected, Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Bleach has a strong chemical smell. The scent alone can sting the eyes if placed too close. Although compared to regular salon hail color treatments that are not Ammonia-free, the Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Bleach is quite tolerable. What I’m trying to say is that it reeks of chemical, yes, but nothing that is unnatural for a hair color; let alone a bleaching agent.
Since I was going for an ombre look, I only applied Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Bleach on the lower half of my hair. My side bangs grew out so I decided to color its ends, too. I was aiming for a more gradient transition while still keeping the lovely contrast between the deep red base using Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Red Wine and the blonde. So what I did was, I first applied the bleach on my hair in a straight line across the lower half then using what was left on the mixing tub, I combed my hair starting from lower 3/4’s of the hair going down to the roots. This helps distribute some of the product to the upper part. This may sound a bit more complicated than it really is. Believe me; application was super easy and it wasn’t messy at all.
And now… the final result of my very first attempt to an ombre hair color.

I noticed my hair getting lighter during the process but after hitting the 30-minute mark, it was more orange than blonde so I left it on for another 15 minutes. I was worried that leaving the bleach on for a whole 45 minutes might dry out my hair but then again, if I want good ombre, I must at least commit to it. And viola! I love it! I’m completely inlove with the color contrast.

One mistake I have while applying the bleach on my own hair was that I put too little on the back portion thus the unevenness at the back. The bleach also worked double time on the parts which I already had highlights which explain the two highest, most noticeable streaks. I was planning on redoing the back part but after a few days, I have come to realize that I actually like the unevenness because when I place portions of my hair in front [sides of my face], it frames my face nicely without looking like an overkill at the back. Anyway, that’s just me. Do you think I should still redo the back part? 🙂 Also,  I am a bit concern though because the color seems to tone down more as days past. We’ll see…

The contrast looks amazing under direct sunlight but I love how it looks subtle indoors. Best of all, it did not make my hair brittle. I’m not going to lie; it did dry my hair – some parts more than others – which is to be expected from any bleaching agent, of course. The end part of my hair is a bit rougher than before but it’s not straw-like at any extent and it doesn’t easily break, that is enough for me. That said, my current hair routine includes shampooing every other day to prevent further drying and also, at-home hair masks 4 times a week. So, what do you think of my creation? <3

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