I’ve been wanting to try Cure Natural Aqua Gel, the famous exfoliation from Japan, for the longest time now. I think I first heard of it from Bubzbeauty in YT. She had so much good things to say about the product that it urged me to do a quick research about the brand. Cure claims to sell one bottle for every 12 seconds. If you ask me, that’s something considering that they don’t really advertise like other brands.

By that time, I was already dying to get my hands on my own bottle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available locally then. So when I saw this Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel during Tony Moly’s Launching in ATC (Read more HERE), I decided to give it a try – thinking that they’re essentially the same thing, more or less.

Product Information:
(Taken from www.tonymoly.ph)

Wipe off makeup and dead skin cells! Capacity : 200ml 
Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel Lemon: Cares for keratin & whitens Lemon juice containing whitening ingredients, removes dead skin cells *Real Green Apple Juice Peeling Gel Green apple: Cares for keratin & contracts pores; Pore contraction peeling gel removes dead skin cells and makes your skin sparkle 
Usage: Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel/ Real Green Apple Juice Peeling Gel After washing, dry completely, take a 50 won coin sized amount, massage it all over the face, wash off with lukewarm water.

Tony Moly Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel comes in a cute lemon-like bottle complete with the very detailed rough and uneven surface that really replicates a real lemon. It also has a pump to dispense the product. It definitely lives up to its name because whenever I press the pump and the product comes out, I feel like I’m juicing a lemon because it also has the same zesty citrus smell – the scent is slightly artificial but it doesn’t bother me.
Once dispensed, Real Lemon Juice Peeling Gel is in the form of a soft transparent gel with a wee bit hint of yellow. The yellow part is probably because of the lemon extract. It is the kind of gel that is neither heavy nor sticky on the face. On the contrary, it is runny, consistency-wise, so it’s light and fairly easy to massage on the skin. 
Basically, the purpose of this kind of peeling gels is to remove dead skin on the skin’s surface. Ideally, by doing this, it should reveal a lighter, softer and smoother skin. I’ve tried other kinds of peeling gel/exfoliations before and they are, of course, expected to turn to tiny balls of dead skin cells after massaging. This signals that it was successful in removing the dead skin.
Now I’ll focus on what actually happened when I tried massaging it on my skin. After just a few seconds, it transformed to these big blobs of gel and there is no apparent sign of dead skin removal. Even if I just rub it between my hands for a while, it turns to this. I have a feeling that the gel is made to turn into blobs even without removing dead skin. Thus destroying the purpose of the peeling gel.
Despite these weird blobs, I did see some results. My skin did become lighter and softer probably because of the lemon extract but this result is only temporary. I’ve been using this for months and until now, I did not see any significant long-term result despite the constant use. 
Overall, I’d say that this may not the best alternative for the famous – and somewhat expensive – Cure. If I’m given the chance to rethink buying this, I would’ve spent a couple more pesos to get the real thing instead of buying this. But that’s just me.. feel free to correct me if you see I’m doing something wrong in using this or if my experience was an isolated case. I know Tony Moly has better products than this. ๐Ÿ™‚
Price: Php 378
Available at: Tony Moly Outlets
Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts on it?
Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post. ๐Ÿ™‚