Who here is tired of finding your favorite expensive (emphasis on EXPENSIVE) perfume spilled inside your bag not only wasting the product but also messing up everything in your bag? *hand shoots up* ME! Well here’s the solution to your – and mine, too – third world problem; *drum roll please!* 
Travalo Excel.

In a nutshell, Travalo Excel is a perfume atomizer bottle made out of durable body fashioned from aircraft grade anodized aluminium. It’s available in 10 different colors that could instantly add oomph to your outfit. They come in two sizes: 5mL and 7mL that are good for 50 and 65 sprays respectively. Gone are the days when we open our bags to the overwhelming scent of our wallet-breaking perfumes!

Now I know what you’re thinking; “why spend on this tiny atomizer bottle when I can just carry around a cheap plastic bottle or a sample size version of my favorite perfume? It’s just handy as this one!” Well, that’s a logical question. I, too, thought about that but here is the big difference between Travalo Excel and any other perfume bottle, besides the fact that Travalo comes in a 100% spill-proof packaging, it’s also durable as it contains absolutely no glass parts. 
Oh did I mention it is also aircraft approved? Yup, you read it right. Travalo has a unique pressure regulating system that makes sure the bottle adjusts to changing air pressure during flights, preventing any leaks, and enabling you to be fully prepared for landing. Again, this is spill-proof, baby! πŸ˜‰
Now that the question of whether Travalo is essential or not is out of the way, let’s continue with its easy to use steps. πŸ™‚
How To Use:
(1) Grab your favorite scent and your Travalo Excel then place it on a flat surface.
(2) Pull out the removable nozzle/spray head from your perfume bottle then align the bottom portion of your Travalo to the perfume bottle’s spray tube. Both the bottle and the Travalo unit must be in an upright position.
Note: Most expensive perfume bottles come with a removable nozzle. If the spray head cannot be removed, don’t force it! This may permanently ruin your perfume’s packaging.
(3) Repeatedly pump it up and down until you fill the Travalo.
Tip: It is easier to refill when the lid is on. Otherwise, you can accidentally press the spray top while refilling it. We don’t want to waste perfume, do we? πŸ˜‰
You can see how much is in your perfume atomizer bottle by the fill level indicator window on the side of your Travalo. Do not overfill!
Those steps sound like a lot of work but believe me, it won’t take a whole 2 minutes of your time to refill a Travalo Excel. After getting my own Travalo, I can no longer imagine going out the entire day without it! It’s very convenient to tote around as it only occupies a small amount of space in my bag. Also, it’s made of aluminum so it’s ultra light! Talk about style and functionality all in one small product!
Learn more about this innovative perfume atomizer that is Travalo Excel thru:
 Facebook Fan Page: Travalo
Official Site: http://www.travalo.com

For the Justice League fans out there, you might want to check out Travalo Excel’s cool new look HERE.

Ready to smell good and be remembered by people for your awesome signature smell that never fades?
I know I am. 2013 is my smell-good year! *wink