How’s your Monday night, ladies? Apparently, I’m spending my night at home contemplating on what to do with my car’s broken side mirror. To get my mind off that matter, how about a quick review to de-stress? 🙂

Y’all know how I’m a big fan of complete makeup kits, right? Well, who wouldn’t be? They’re freakin’ efficient! Take this Victoria Jackson Survival Kit III for example.

Product Description:
Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend but Victoria Jackson’s Essential Survival Kit is a woman’s foremost ally in the city jungle! In the hustle and bustle of city life, only the creme de la creme of the female species know the secret of balancing time and motion. Their secret weapon is a drawer-type, all-in-one compact makeup kit that contains all the ammunition to outdo all the vavavoom wannabes.
Like every other all-in-one makeup kits, Victoria Jackson Survival Kit III comes in a hefty compact with several compartments and drawers made up of durable plastic. It is rather heavy and bulky but compared to bringing individual pieces, this is definitely a space-saver. It is very convenient and efficient to carry around especially for out-of-town trips or all-nighters with friends.

Here’s a rundown on what’s inside this Victoria Jackson Survival Kit III.

It came with 3 tiny brushes. Just from the looks of it you’ll see how useless these three could be. They’re flimsy, scratchy and just plain awful. The blush brush is too small and it obviously isn’t dense enough to distribute the pigments evenly. The one in the middle – I assume it’s a dual-ended lip brush – is too thin and stiff. Lastly, the eyeshadow brush – the sponge tip is too harsh on the skin while the other end is super scratchy. I seriously don’t get any of them.

Anyway, let’s proceed to the less-disappointing products in the kit.

Upon removing the plastic cap that doubles as a container for the pencil shavings, a tube of mascara and 2 other pencils pop out. The mascara is just about the size of deluxe samples or travel-sized tubes from high end brands. I didn’t get to use it even once because it was already dried up. This is probably my fault because I had this kit piled in my drawer for months.

The black kohl liner was very pigmented but it was waxy. It easily breaks and smudges but it offers great intensified looks. It’s great for smokey or gothic looks. The lip pencil was creamy and pigmented as well. It stays on better than the former but I’m not really impressed by the brownish brick red shade.

If you flip open the middle part of the kit, you’ll see a small mirror and 2 pans of blushes – a light pink shade with slight shimmer and one that’s somewhere between old rose and coral. For my skintone, I think the light pink would work better as a highlighter and the other one as the main blush. Both blushes have decent color payoff, average staying power but are a bit on the chalky side.
Feeling a bit discouraged? Don’t be because I still haven’t even started on my 3 favorite drawers in this kit. 🙂
The top drawer (depending on which side you begin with), contains 5 pans of lipsticks/lip glosses. (Right: T-B, Left: T-Left to Right, Bottom) First up, it is a brownish mauve shade with a little bit of sheen to it. Next is a shimmer bronze gloss which offers very little color payoff. Beside it is a champagne shimmer gloss with very apparent glimmer to it. Below is a brick red shade that becomes purplish when layered. It has great pigmentation and very noticeable sheen – far greater than the first one. Lastly, a very light pink lip gloss that has iridescent white shimmer that covers most of the gloss. Thus, preventing the pink to show up clearly.

The 2 shades on the left most part (top and bottom) are the most pigmented in the bunch. Consequently, they also have the longest staying power although they both don’t leave a stain behind. The other 3 lip glosses stay on an average of 2 hours which isn’t exactly bad for a lip gloss.

Second drawer has all 5 matte eyeshadows. The navy blue eyeshadow, despite being the darkest, doesn’t have much color to it. The next one is a typical brown shade best used for everyday look, may it be for school or for work. The pink, beige and off-white shades, surprisingly, have awesome pigmentation. They’re all slightly powdery but when used with primer, they can last the whole day. Plus, they’re easy to blend out and get a seamless gradation of smokey eye makeup.
My favorite: the shimmer eyeshadow drawer. All 5 shades are very pigmented, they aren’t chalky and the shades are just gorgeous! The deep plum shade is my favorite! The moss green, gold and bronze are amazing as well, see? The white shimmer on the bottom would be great for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. Personally, I like using that particular shade wet to really intensify the shimmers. The shimmer particles are very fine – they don’t feel gritty at all! Actually, they’re so fine that they almost look metallic in a way. I love that they have great staying power too.
Victoria Jackson Survival Kit III is obviously not the perfect on-the-go makeup kit nor is it the best in the market. But if you’re a beginner and you have limited budget, this is something I would recommend. It’s easy to bring, it’s almost complete and you get products of decent quality. They need a little work but they’re actually pretty nice given how affordable the set is.
Price: Php 999 (Regular Price, Php 2500)
Available at: Granton World Philippines

How’s that for a complete beginner’s on-the-go set? 😉
Just throw in some functional brushes and a powder and you’re good to go!