Yes, another lip product. Because apparently, I don’t have enough and I feel the need to shower myself with more lipsticks and lip glosses. And it seems like my dear lola feels the same way because she keeps buying me random lip products whenever a brand goes on sale in New York. LOL! Take this Glossy Shinestick from Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush line for example. πŸ˜‰
My grandma got this on sale for only $1 each whereas it’s regular price in NY is $7 a pop! Nanay have good eyes for sales. LOL! This may be a bit pricey for a .06 oz of product. I saw Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Shinesticks being sold at the VS counter in Landmark for less than Php 300. But still, Php 300 for that much product? Compare it with NYX lip products that contains 0.23 oz and are sold for the same price. 
See what I mean about being pricey?
I gotta say this out straight. The plastic tube with the same color as the shinestick is cute. So as the neat font and labels but the clear cap is a total bummer! It doesn’t lock quite right and the shinestick doesn’t go all he way down the tube so I have to be super duper careful when placing the cap back on unless I want to chop off a portion of the shinestick. It’s annoying especially when I’m in a hurry.
Citrus Sorbet is a coral, almost nude shade while Mango Tango is a super sheer gloss with very little hint of pink to it. Both shinesticks glides on smoothly like melting butter on a warm pan, they’re moisturizing and they don’t settle on the lines and crevices of the lips which make great for those with dry lips. If the usual stickiness of glosses causes you to jerk away from lip glosses, you’d be glad to know that these aren’t sticky nor heavy on the lips. You can tuck your lips together and still no gooey, sticky feeling.
Now for the bad part; both shades have this funky artificial fruit smell that’s a bit too much for me. It comes off strong at first and fades away eventually. If you could get through the first part then you’re good to go. As for me, I can’t tolerate it because makes me dizzy all too quickly. I think I only used it twice or thrice for the review. It shall rot in the darkest part of my makeup stash and shall never see the light of day again. Naahh, I’d probably just give to my cousin πŸ™‚
As expected from a mere gloss, it offers very little pigmentation and is not buildable. It stays on an average of about 2 hours before I have to retouch. I’ll have to get the other shades to really evaluate the color pay off. Since the shades I have shows very little color on the lips, I didn’t bother posting a photo of me wearing it. I heard the shade Strawberry Fields is a pretty shade. Mental Note: Get that shade! Though Citrus Sorbet and Mango Tango would still be a good option for teens and pre-teens who are likely to use products that are “barely there” or just to give their lips a sheer tint of color to avoid looking pale. 
Have you tried any products from Beauty Rush?
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See you on my next post!:)