During my lola‘s last visit to New York, she and my tita ninang passed by a Victoria’s Secret boutique that was on sale. From $7, Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush eyeshadows were sold for $1 each. How cheap was that! I swear, I want to go to NY just to shop for makeup. Anyway, knowing how addicted to makeup her apo is, my lola grabbed onto anything she can. I got 2 or 3 of each shades actually. I also have several other kinds like the one on pots.

To be honest, it was more fun imagining my lola shopping for makeup than opening the plastic full of VS cosmetics she handed me. She honestly though these Beauty Rush Luminous Shadows were some kind of nail polish. She really didn’t have any idea what they were and what they’re for. She told me that while shopping she kept thinking. “Magugustuhan ni Celline ito”. That was really sweet of her. Oh my, I miss her na! How I wish December would come faster so I can taste her home-cooked meals again.

Ok, enough mushy things. Let’s go straight to the review.

Beauty Rush Luminous Shadows come in these tall plastic triangular-shaped containers. Don’t be fooled though, only the bottom part contains the loose shadow while the tall pointy cap is the applicator. The compartment for the product itself is quite small so it runs out fast. This is actually both a good and bad thing. I usually have piles of untouched products lying around, waiting for their expiration date so it’s good to finally be able to use up the entire product and get what I paid for. Bad because I really like Brown To Earth and I want it to last longer.

Out of the three, Brown To Earth would be my favorite. Simply because it’s perfect for everyday makeup by giving just the right amount of depth and emphasis to my eyes. Plum Passion could also be used for day time look as it is not too bold nor too bright. It has just enough color to give my day look a little oomph. Gold School, on the other hand, is great for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes especially when I feel that silver or pearl white shimmers are too striking, given my morena skin tone.

Like I said earlier, each eyeshadows come with a built-in, sponge tip applicator. Compared to other sponge tip applicators that usually come with eyeshadows, this one in particular is surprisingly usable. Another plus point for the length of the applicator handle which makes it fairly easy to control. It is very convenient to use so toting it around is a breeze.
TIP: I use the applicator to get the product out of the container and apply it on the crease area. Then, I use my ring finger to blend and even out the color. See, no need for a brush? πŸ™‚

Beauty Rush Luminous Shadows offers great pigmentation and decent staying power even without the use of primer. Though to really get the color I want, I have to pump the applicator in the container twice or trice because the applicator only picks up little amount of product. The colors are very buildable and they glide on the lids smoothly. It’s noticeable how finely milled the loose eyeshadow is.  The ultimate CON for this product would be how messy it is to use due to the significant fallouts. I would recommend covering your cheeks with tissue before applying this to prevent messing up your face makeup.
Have you tried any products from Beauty Rush?
I’d love to try their lip glosses next.
See you on my next post! πŸ™‚