During the time I started blogging until now, my readers would’ve probably noticed that I pay little attention to hairdos and hair styling tools. I am a bit keen when it comes to makeup and skincare but for my hair, I just usually just tie it up in a bun when it’s hot and just let it down when I’m no longer irritated by all the sweat and humid weather. Shifting to the other end of the spectrum, my sister couldn’t care less about makeup and spends most of her free time learning different braiding techniques online. What can I say, we compliment each other’s skill pretty well. πŸ™‚

Oh how I miss my low maintenance, long hair. Ever since I sported a short and edgy hair last summer, it became a nightmare to maintain especially now that it’s on its awkward stage where the ends rest near, if not on, my shoulders making it naturally fly away and messy. Some girls choose to rock that look but as for me, I want nothing but to iron it into place.

Product Info:
(Taken from www.vssassoon.com.au)
You Curl – AU$ 59.95 (roughly around Php 3100)
You Curl uses revolutionary technology & with salon high heat up to 230Β°C it’s a 2-in-1 styler for fast, defined curls or create sleek, smooth styles in a single stroke. Curls or straight, choose your style. Features ceramic technologyβ„’ for a silky smooth finish. 
– Ceramic technologyTM
– Up to 230Β°C
– Ultra fast heat up
– 2 temperature settings
– Cool tips
– Automatic safety cut-off system
– Professional power cord
After weeks of careful deliberation, I decided to finally invest on a multi-purpose hair styling tool. That’s not really asking for too much from one tool since most narrow hair straighteners/irons can be used as curler as well. I did that with my JML hair iron before our helper stole it. Anyway, the problem I have with hair irons that are used as curler is that it tends to create harsh, brittle and prominent lines on the curled hair. This is commonly a result of the edge of the iron where a portion of the hair is twisted. Can you imagine what I’m trying to say? πŸ™‚ 

I seriously don’t find it sexy when curls have these lines/corners instead of just one fluid and bouncy curl. That’s basically why I chose this particular model, VS2070A or just You Curl.
Unlike typical hair straighteners, VS You Curl also has ceramic plates on the sides extending halfway through the entire tool. This is to allow easy waves – not curls – in an instant without the harsh lines I was talking about earlier. Why did I emphasize waves and not curls? Well, since the heat comes from the center of the tool, the heat distribution to the curved styling plate is uneven. Meaning, if you plan to create sexy curls, be prepared to expose a portion of your hair to more heat than the other. There may be chances wherein the part of the hair that rests inside the tool is already dry and well-heated while the curl part in the extended ceramic plates is still not yet heated enough to maintain the curl.
I read a lot of negative reviews about this particular model. Most of them were on the line of “not too hot” or “could not straighten hair in one stroke like how the model promised”. If you ask me, buyers shouldn’t really depend too much on claims like that because, of course, those are just advertising schemes. Based on my personal experience, it CAN straighten a portion with a single stroke of the toll given that the portion is small enough. I’m not saying exaggerated claims are ethical because they’re obviously not. All I’m saying is that we have to have a certain degree of skepticism in order to make smarter purchases – be a small consumer. πŸ˜‰
As per VS’ site, You Curl costs almost AUD $60 but luckily, during my ever-so-thoughtful cousin’s stay in Australia, ALL hair tools in the mall she visited was on SALE! I’m beginning to think that He really wants me to venture to hair styling too. *wink 

So in total, I got this for AUD $40 (Php 2000) plus a FREE mini PRO You Curl for smaller curls and thinner hair, I guess. I haven’t tried the smaller one but I’m still glad I got a small spare for travel and just in case I need another one.
Both have this elegant deep violet plastic handles that doesn’t heat up during use. Even the tip of the tools are plastic so it’s safe to touch and easy to maneuver to get the wave desired. You Curl has 2 temperature setting while mini PRO only has 1. I always go straight to setup heat 2 because I have thick hair so the difference between setting 1 and 2 doesn’t really matter to me.
If you’re planning to buy this, be sure to buy a universal adaptor because, as you can see, AU’s plug is slanted and *uhmm* weird. LOL! It is still safe to plug in 220v outlets, nonetheless.
My attempts to style our hair:
*I’m a constant work in progress so please don’t tell me how much as suck. I’ll practice more, promise! :)*
Tried curling my lil sister’s hair. Do note that ever since high school, I never really had the talent in creating sexy curls so I can’t really blame VS You Curl for my subpar performance in the photo above. I’m actually thinking about buying a legit curler I can practice with. Can you suggest a good brand and model? Thanks! πŸ™‚
It’s quite tricky to use for curling because of the uneven heat but for creating sexy waves, there’s nothing to rant about. It’s great, easy to use and it heats up in one minute! Here’s a photo of my simple, slightly wavy hair using my VS You Curl. Photo was taken during Tony Moly’s launching event last year (Read more about it HERE) courtesy of Aya. 
There you have it; my hair styling skills or, well, lack thereof. LOL!
Let me know if you want to see a tutorial on different kinds of braids. I’m sure my lil sis would be more than willing to share her easy, noob-friendly step. πŸ˜‰