I seldom join giveaways and contest so it follows that I almost rarely win anything worthwhile. Logical, right? Well, contrary to that, I actually won something very interesting from a brand that I’m familiar with but never really tried before, Yves Rocher. All thanks to the very dedicated blogger, Ms. Martha, behind The Beauty Junkee.
I mindlessly joined one of her giveaways early last November (I think) just a few hours before it closes. The mechanics were easy peasy, “Like” a couple of Facebook pages, “Follow” Twitter accounts and share things. There was also an easy question to be answered and e-mailed to Yves Rochers’ rep. The question was, “Vegetal Kit would be recommended for what skintype?”
It was very basic actually. Knowing that vegetal is mild, organic and uses plant extracts to hydrate the skin, I was sure that it was for ALL skintypes. And sure enough, I got it right. But I was still lucky to be one of the 200 winners out of who-knows-how-many participants.
I honestly didn’t plan to make a review on this kit because I was sure that I cannot assess any skincare product just after a week. But these particular sample bottles lasted a few days short of a month! Not sure if I have a small face thus allowing me to use only minimal amount or I did use it correctly. LOL!
Cleansing Milk & Toner
Both cleanser and toner samples come in a 50mL clear (with a hint of mint green) plastic bottle. It was a bit confusing to use for a noob like me since my face routine usually only includes makeup remover, wash then toner. I was reminded yet again that reading instructions is really important. According to the instruction on the box, the cleanser which is a thick, milky white cream is used with a cotton first to remove the makeup. It is slightly oily and heavy on the face. Also, it has a bit of a leafy smell that is highly unnoticeable.
To remove the oiliness from the cleanser, the toner then follows. Like a regular toner, it’s used with a cotton pad as well. It is water-like, scentless and very mild. It is safe to use even on the areas really close to the eyes since it doesn’t have strong alcohol or chemical smell to it so there is no purging. After the toner, there was no tugging feeling that signals dryness.
The cleanser-toner duo is great for removing stubborn, water-proof makeup and other residues. Over and beyond it’s normal cleansing purposes, I would highly recommend the toner for cleaning the upper lash line with Q-tip because of its mild, organic ingredients. Makeup enthusiasts like myself never fail to put on loads of mascara to open up our eyes but we usually forget to take extra time in removing it. Be careful, ladies, as this careless practice may cause Blepharitis.
Intense 24H Gel Cream
The moisturizer is contained in a pocket-sized easy squeeze. Consistency-wise, it is thicker than serum but lighter than average moisturizers. The time it takes the skin to fully absorb it is also somewhere in between serums and moisturizers. It feels slightly greasy at first but not to the point where it starts to bother me or force me to wash it off or wipe off any excess.

Intense 24H Gel Cream does well in hydrating my face. Even with constant washing with facial foam to remove stubborn makeup residue, my face never felt dry, tugged or tight. Even the scaly area on the outer corner of my left eye somehow lessened. And hey, that’s only with the use of a trial kit! What more if I buy the full-sized products?

Consistency Check! 🙂
Oopps! The toner already dried up. My bad! 🙂

Basing my opinion solely on this sample kit, I’d say that the Hydra Vegetal is a great skincare line for those with dry and sensitive skin because of these main reasons: mild, organic and sensitive. However, I believe that this line, though it’s highly recommended to all skintypes, is not dedicated to people with acne prone skin. It may be too mild to prevent breakouts and dry out pimples.
Have you tried anything from Yver Rocher before?
The brand looks promising.. Would you please let me know which products are worth trying and which ones to avoid? Thanks! I really appreciate your response. Leave ’em down below. 😉