I’ve been wanting to share with you my review on the ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Range as well as my current skincare routine for a while now. But unfortunately I’m actually staying at the hospital to look after my brother who got admitted late last week. Anyway, I finally had the courage to stay up late and finish this post. If you must know, hospitals (at night) terrify me. Believe me, I won’t ride an elevator by myself at night to save my life. Too many horror scenes are shot at hospital elevators. HAHA. 
Going back to the topic at hand, let me share with you an in-depth review on the ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Range which I’ve been using for almost half a year now. Also, stick around at the end of the post as I share with you what my current skincare routine look like. πŸ™‚
Product Description:
(Taken from www.za-cosmetics.com)
ANTI-AGING. ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Range. A high-performance, anti-aging skincare line formulated with nature-derived plant seed extracts and marine collagen to give your skin a youthful resilience and a silky glow.
The ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam (Php345) really does live up to its name. It foams up really well without losing its richness. It lathers nicely but takes a while to rinse; there’s no slimy-soap film so it’s probably due to the thickness of the product itself.

This right here is actually my second tube already. I finished up my first tube a couple of months ago so when I saw ZA Cosmetics being sold at Beauty Scents at outlet price, I decided to repurchase. Plus I like to keep using the ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Range as a whole – I think I get to maximize the results hence getting better chance in evaluating the products that way, too.

I didn’t repurchase this Cleansing Foam just because it was cheap or on sale. I got it because I liked how my skin was when I was using up my first tube. I have a bad habit of over-washing my face when it’s humid and I like how this gave me that squeaky clean feeling without drying my face too much. My skin feels a bit stretched at times but nothing a moisturizer can fix. Also, I love how my skin looks bright and fresh after wash. It does a decent job in removing stubborn makeup residue, too. This ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam is definitely one of my top picks from the range.
Here’s something interesting. ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner (Php595) is unlike my other toners. It has a runny gel-like consistency – almost like your regular serums but a tad more watery. That said, it takes slightly more product to really soak a cotton pad and just run it all over my face. Downside is that when too little product is on the pad and I wipe it on my face, the cotton starts shredding and sticking itself on my face. Annoying!
What is great about this toner is that it is very mild and gentle on the skin. Absolutely no stinging! I don’t have to worry about it drying my skin. It is very moisturizing, too. I recommend this to those with dry and flaky skin. Having said that and knowing that my skin tends to be on the oilier side at the moment, I feel like this doesn’t much for me.  I’m not gonna lie, it does feel heavier than most toners and a bit sticky on the face, too, making it a dirt magnet. It just doesn’t clean my face the way I want it to. It’s great for areas around the eyes though. So what I do is I alternate this with my regular toner. That’s how you get the best of both worlds. *wink!
The holy grail, for me, is the ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Moisturizer (Php625). Consistency-wise, it is very light and runny. A small amount goes a long way with this product. And what’s even better is that it is easily absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the face as well. That’s why I love it to bits! It’s just like a light lotion on my face and I don’t have to wait forever to start applying my makeup. Plus it works great during the ‘ber’ months as well as during summer season given its light, hassle-free consistency. I truly can’t get enough of it. I’ve been using this nonstop. This is highly effective in maintaining skin’s moisture.  Swear!
Like the rest of the products from the range, it has the signature ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution-scent that is this light fruity-floral smell. I’m usually sensitive to scents especially when it comes to skincare products but for this, I’ll make an exception – just because I like the range as a whole. Plus, the scent isn’t really that overpowering. If anything, it’s actually a wee bit relaxing, IMHO. πŸ™‚
If you’re going to get just one product from the entire ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution range, I urge you to get the moisturizer. It’s a handy product to have in your skincare line up the whole year around. Regardless if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, you’ll be glad you have the ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution  Moisturizer within reach. I love love love this baby! <3
Now, I have a certain love-hate relationship with this ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution Collagen Cream (Php725). It has his thick and rich cream consistency that glides on the skin smoothly. Being thick, it does leave a bit of oily film on the skin right after application as it takes a while to absorb. It isn’t greasy per se but it is in fact heavy on the skin. It comes with the same scent as the rest and I love how fresh and relaxing it is.
I love how it soothes dryness and how it gives my skin a great boost of extra moisture. It also makes it extremely soft and plump the morning after. It is indeed an incredible moisturizer however, since my skin is prone to milia, I cannot use this on a daily basis. If you don’t know, milia is a sort of white head but is it sits deeper into the skin making it difficult and rather painful to remove. Now these tiny milia bumps are usually caused by heavy creams which is why I try to incorporate more serums and lotions in my routines instead. But when the situation calls for it, like when my skin feels incredibly dry, I apply this on my problem areas to bring back the moisture.
I recommend the rest of the  ZA Cosmetics Perfect Solution range for all types of skin however, when it comes to the Collagen Cream, I think this is best suited for those with severely dry skin as it helps soothe dryness. But if you have combination to oily skin, I think this may be too much for your skin as it is already oily and heavy on its own.
Now for the rest of my skincare routine. πŸ™‚
I’ve been using these products for almost half a year now; on and off as I try other products, too. Some of the ones above are already repurchased products as they have become part of my staple routine. I started using these when review school started and the reason I’m still using them is because even with the amount of stress I had then, this routine kept my skin looking and feeling good. Those past months were probably the most stressed I’ve been my entire life. I did get several pimples here and there plus darker under eye area but to think that I did not experience any major breakout during that time is quite impressive. They’re not the best I’ve tried but they worked for me so I kept following this regimen even after review school ended. πŸ™‚
My lips get very dry and chapped because of the airconditioning so I always make it to a point to apply a generous amount of lip balm before I hit the sack. And to make sure I wake up with nice soft smackers, I use Lucas Papaw Ointment (Read review HERE) on my lips. It’s a multi-purpose product; it does an awesome job ensuring that I wake up with plump lips and it works great on insect bites as well. πŸ™‚

My undereye is a real problem area for me. I’ve always had these fine lines that are difficult to cover up with concealer and whenever I pull an all-nighter, it makes itself apparent with the unusual darkness on that area. I’ve been using I’m Wrinkle Insulator by Bliv, a Malaysian brand, for months now. There is honestly no drastic change but given how my daily routine became extremely exhausting, I’m just glad this eye serum was able to prevent the problem from worsening. And honestly, with the very little sleep I was getting that time, I was more than impressed to see that it didn’t show on my face.

I’ve been using this much-raved Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX (Read review HEREfor almost a year now. If you’d remember, I asked a friend who visited Korea to get me this as it was very popular in the blogging community that time. And I know why! It is very light on the skin, it is absorbed within minutes, and it makes the skin super duper soft and moisturized. There is absolutely no skin too dry for this baby. I totally vouch for this.
Now for the most repurchased product from this bunch, Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. Believe it or not, this is my sixth bottle already! It doesn’t matter what variant it is as long as it’s Bifesta, I’ll use it. I just love that it doesn’t sting the eyes and it’s water-based. It removes makeup really well, even waterproof ones! It’s is amazing how it melts all those stubborn makeup residues away. I would totally repurchase another bottle in a heartbeat. <3
That’s it for my current skincare routine.. although, since I’m almost done with most of the items here, I might change this completely. Is there any skincare range you’d want me to try and review for y’all?
Also, I’d love to hear what you skincare routine is like. Let me know by commenting below.
See you on my nest post! πŸ™‚