I know most of you would agree that being morena has its own ups and downs. Our skintone looks a lot healthier and we can definitely rock deeper colors. However, shade selections are often limited. And we still have to be mindful in picking out colors that would complement our skin color. Sound like a lot of work, eh?
The third installment of Revlon Beauty S.O.S. (Stand Out Style) will be aired later tonight on Etcetera. As always, this quick makeup segment is dedicated to helping girls like us with our basic makeup/beauty woes. This episode’s beauty dilemma focuses on the colors and looks morena girls, myself included, should be sporting to complement our skin color.

Makeup Expert, Eman De Leon, did Etcetera’s host, Patti Grandidge’s, and, Greenwich Girl, Mikaela Lagdameo’s  makeup for the segment, modeling 101 and the entire episode as well using nothing but Revlon products.
 Eman De Leon in action. 🙂
 Here are some sneak preview of tonight’s episode:
Photo credits to Etcetera on ETC and Kim Jones’ fashion emergency segment.
Isn’t she just lovely? 🙂
Next tutorials will be aired on December 1 – Sunday, 8:30pm. If you missed the previous episodes, watch the replays on Monday (8:45am & 2:45pm), Tuesday (7:45pm), Wednesday (7:45am & 11:45am), Thursday (11:30pm) and Saturday (2:30pm).
To know more about Revlon Beauty S.O.S. (Stand Out Style) in collaboration with Etcetera on ETC,
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