Earlier today the second installment Revlon Beauty S.O.S. (Stand Out Style) was aired on Etcetera. As always, this quick makeup segment aims to help girls like us with our basic makeup/beauty woes. This episode’s beauty dilemma is all about girls with glasses – what type of eye makeup should be done.
I, for one, have been wearing prescription glasses since grade school and yes, eye makeup techniques really do change when I opt to wear my glasses instead of contact lenses. Learn more about it from Revlon makeup expert, Eman De Leon on Etcetera.
Makeup Expert, Eman De Leon, doing Etcetera’s host, Patti Grandidge’s, makeup for the episode using nothing but Revlon products.The look focused on her lips using the new shade of Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Fuchsia Shock.
Photo credits to Etcetera on ETC and Kim Jones’ holiday shopping segment.
Next tutorials will be aired on the following dates: November 24 and December 1 – Sunday, 8:30pm. If you missed it, watch the replay on Monday (8:45am & 2:45pm), Tuesday (7:45pm), Wednesday (7:45am & 11:45am), Thursday (11:30pm) and Saturday (2:30pm).
To know more about Revlon Beauty S.O.S. (Stand Out Style) in collaboration with Etcetera on ETC,
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