My skin has always been far from perfect, and so I’m on the constant pursuit of finding and discovering new treatments that could hopefully improve my skin. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve come a looong way. I was browsing old blog photos when I realized that my skin is a lot better now than it was 3 years ago. I used to have milia around my eye area and a never-ending battle with cystic pimples that would always leave my skin scarred and discolored. It’s great to know that all the effort I put in my daily skincare regimen and countless derma sessions were not put to waste.

Now my problem seem trivial compared to before, but my goal is still the same. I aim to get my skin to that condition where it is so good that I won’t need foundation or concealer anymore. I still have a few dark spots and enlarged pores which I hope to address through several sessions of Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) from Flawless.

“Flawless – Powered by Skin Professionals adds Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) to its selection of Micro needling therapies, providing Filipinos cutting-edge and cost-effective skin solutions to scars, acne, wrinkles, dark spots, stretch marks, and hair loss. By using tiny needles to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, Fractional Needling Therapy, infuses effective and safe serums that lift, smoothen, lighten, refine, and restore the youth and radiance back to the skin.”  –

First thing’s first. Allow me to walk you through the procedure before the results and FAQs so you’d know what you’re really in for.

PROCEDURE: The treatment started with facial cleansing, of course. Whatever is left of my makeup was dutifully removed using cotton pads before cleansing my face. Once the face was bare and without a hint of makeup on, a generous layer of topical anesthesia was applied. Some doctors use cling wrap to cover the cream but Dra. Ocampo said she preferred scotch tape to ensure that the cream really does stay in place, thus allowing the skin to absorb it better. Being covered with a thick layer of cream and a bunch of tapes felt a bit strange, yes, but not uncomfortable.
After 45 minutes-1 hour, my entire face went numb. This is when the actual procedure started. Using a syringe [sans the needle], the serum/medicine was applied on my face followed by a DermaRoller to create micro-puncture wounds on the skin that allows the serum to be absorbed deep into the skin. Dra. made sure to focus on my cheek area and a tiny portion above my right eyebrow for these are what I consider as my problem areas.
Because my skin concern is not as problematic as others, Dra. set the device to create puncture wounds that are relatively shallow. You would see, after the procedure, my face was filled with small red dots, those were actually blood. It looks painful but thanks to the anesthesia that was applied earlier, I didn’t even feel a thing!
You may see different articles online showing faces covered with blood post-FNT. It actually depends on your skin. If I’m not mistaken, the needles are set to puncture deeper for skin with severe issues.
Problematic skin = higher setting = more blood
The procedure itself took more or less 30 minutes. I had to go home with blood on my face since I cannot wash my face for the next 24 hours to give my skin time to absorb the serum. If you are concerned about how it may look like in public, you can always request for a surgical mask before leaving the clinic – that’s what I did, actually.
The downside for this treatment is that it usually takes 2-3 days for the redness to fade. In my case, it only looked as if I had mild sunburn the following day. The redness was completely gone by day 3 so the treatment didn’t really cause much delay to my schedule.

Unlike the Pixel Fractional CO2 Laser I had before, the Flawless FNT didn’t leave scabs (the brown scaly thing that covers healing wounds) on the skin. I remember when I had the Pixel Fractional done before, I couldn’t go out and so I missed 2 big events that week. The crusty, matrix-like scabs looked gross, TBH. It looks worst when covered with makeup.. it looks scaly. Eww! I’m just glad that wasn’t the case for the Flawless FNT.

FAQs: FNT starts at Php 4,500 per session depending on the serum/medicine used. A consultation with a Flawless Dermatologist is done prior to the treatment so they can assess your skin problem and recommend the best serum to address it – this may range from anti-acne, super defense, biological stem cells (BSC), lifting serums, and even anti-hair loss.

The number of sessions depends on the skin’s condition. Those with severe post-breakout skin or deep-set wrinkles would take 3-6 sessions. But in my case, I only need 2-3 to really see improvement. Again, it all depends on your skin’s current condition. Others have it done for maintenance.
RESULTS: (Photo Above: Day 2) I’ve only had one session so although I did notice a change in the general texture of my skin, I can’t fully assess how effective it is on addressing my concern regarding the pore-like pits on my cheek area.
(Photo Above: Day 5) I wasn’t expecting much to begin with but after seeing the result of the first session, I’m very hopeful now, really. Like I said, I did notice a difference in my skin’s general texture. After the redness faded, my skin felt smoother and somehow, it is slightly clearer, too – if that makes sense. Minor pigmentation and dark spots were lessened. My skin honestly does look fresher and more rested on the 5th day. So although not drastic, I’m very impressed with the result after just one session. I look forward to the next ones. Hopefully by the end of the second session, the teeny-tiny holes on my cheeks would start to disappear. This is one of the most effective post-acne treatment I’ve tried so far. 😀
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