I’m born with wavy hair. It would’ve been nice if it’s the beach-wave type but no, it’s nothing like that. My hair is thick, wavy and borderline unmanageable. To be honest, when my hair isn’t rebonded, I couldn’t attend events or appointments without ironing it to submission. Do you know how long it takes for me to iron my hair properly? 30-45 minutes! Add that to the amount of time it takes for me to do my makeup and find something to wear. What a waste of time!
To whoever invented rebonding, even if it costs a lot of money to maintain, I owe you a lot. The only challenge left is looking for the right salon and brand to entrust my mane to. With the Matrix Team, I know I’m in good hands. Heck, they’re not the #1 American Salon brand for nothing. 🙂
More than a week ago, I was scheduled for a rebond treatment at the L’Oreal Academie in Ortigas in preparation for my graduation. My initial plan was just to get a rebond for graduation and have my hair colored with a fiery red shade after to celebrate my last summer of freedom. But to make my hair look even better for pictures during the special day, the stylists decided to color the roots just to even it out. I hate to say this but the toned-down brown is growing on me. I might not have to color it red after all. You’ll see why in a bit. 🙂
Okay, so since my previous hair color was December last year, I already have a couple of inches of regrowth.  Read about my last hair color and peek-a-boo highlights HEREThey decided to color the regrowth first with the same base color from last time, Wonder Brown in 7 Warm, to avoid further damaging my already damaged hair and to even out the color. Oh, hi there Dominique Tiu. I have this Facebook friend who’s gaga over Dominique Tiu so I took this photo just to make her jealous. HAHA!
Now for the most tedious part – ironing small portions of my hair for the rebond. I swear I have really thick hair that when I get my hair rebonded at salons, I feel sorry for whoever is doing my hair. That’s why I always, always tip generously when I get a rebond. However, in this instance, I didn’t think giving a tip was appropriate plus I was kinda shy for keeping the team longer than the schedule so I just shrugged the idea off. >.< Now that I think of it, I kinda feel stupid. Err.. I’ll make it up next time. Still, thank you so so much for the patience. The outcome looked incredible. <3
This kid deserves a star. He’s been so patient with me – not just during this session but with almost all my hair session before. He’s always been supportive. Thanks hon. 😉
Third step is Matrix’ newest hair service called ColorSync or also known as demi-color or tone-on-tone color, which ever you’d want to call it. What this new hair color technology basically does is that it makes the base hair color appear more vibrant. It refreshes the color by adding shine to it and toning down some of the highlights. In common salon term, it’s like cellophane but an upgraded version of it – shinier, more vibrant and longer lasting. Unlike cellophane, ColorSync doesn’t wash off when you take a shower.

Last step, is the treatment. You couldn’t expect anything less from the Matrix Team than the Biolage treatment, of course. Rinse, blow dry and viola! My hair is ready for graduation!

Ready for the big reveal? *drumroll please*
Oh dear me, can you see how shiny my hair is? It’s freakin’ amazing! Even after more than a week [photos below], my hair still looks shiny and healthy. This is by far the best rebond I’ve ever had. My hair is already damaged even before the treatment so imagine my surprise when after the hair color and rebond, my hair became healthier. Mind you, the stylist didn’t even have to trim the ends.
I just love my beautifully healthy and straight hair. It’s stronger, softer and undoubtedly more manageable than ever before. Well, I have to give credit to my current haircare products for that, too, but still. It’s amazing how I can wake up each morning with gorgeous hair. Now the time it takes for me to get ready for an event is cut in half. No more bad hair day for me – for the next couple of months, at least. Thank you so much Matrix Team for taking care of my hair. I feel so pampered. <3
Website: www.matrix.com