I’ve been itching to show you the things I bought from Korea thru the innovative concept of Seoul Catch. If you love Korean commodities and haven’t heard of the shop before, I suggest reading my entry about them and adding them on Facebook. In a nutshell, Seoul Catch allows you to shop from any brand/site in Korea and have it ship to you here in the Philippines with very minimal shipping cost and zero tax or any other customs duty charges.

Anyway, since I’m beginning to love Korean cosmetics as much as I love products from Western brands like MAC, Clinique and the likes, there’s nothing I appreciate more than getting them for a cheaper price – not to mention the wider variety of products.

So without further ado, here’s a quick rundown on the things I got from Seoul Catch.

Paprika Hand Creams
: Elbow & Hand, (2) Whitening and Anti-aging. They were
for 3800won each or Php 150. The IndiGirl Brown Sugar Scrub cost
me around Php 285. I bought all of them during Baviphat’s sale
late last month.
I’m not mistaken, I think I bought the Holika Holika Black Egg Pore
Soap 2’s 
for Php300. I’m not entirely sure – I’ll ask Joy,
the seller and edit this in case I’m wrong. 🙂 The black one in the middle is
from The Saem, a not-so-famous Korean brand here in the Philippines. I was
intrigued both by the product and the endorser, IU. Apparently, this O2
Bubble Mask
 is not like other facial masks.. you’ll have to wait for
my review to know. *wink Anyway, I got it for Php550.
And of course, I didn’t let the opportunity to try the famous Sleeping
Water Pack EX
 from Laneige slip. I’ve read so much rave about it! I’m
sure Php900 is worth it.
Prepare yourselves for a
series of items from The Face Shop. 🙂
I’ve never really been a fan
of The Face Shop. Heck, I think I haven’t tried anything from that brand
before. But when Seoul Catch first launched, TFS was on a crazy 50% off sale.
You won’t imagine how excited I was. I hurriedly went to TFS Korean site to order.
There’s no better time to try products than during sale season. LOL! 
Face It Radiance Loose Powder (Php 400) and Foundation (Php
 both in NB23 which is the darkest shade.
& It White BB Sun Balm SPF 50++ Kit in NB21
 (Php475). It
contains a powder compact and a trial tube of foundation and primer. I
originally ordered NB23 but I guess they got it wrong. Oh well, looks like this
particular set has darker shades than their usual foundations. Don’t ask me, I
have no idea why. 😀
It All About Brown Gel Liner
 for Php 285. I just love how this gel liner
includes not just one kind of brush but a dual-ended liner brush! I am yet to
test this one out though. I hope it’s smudge-proof. And the last one from TFS
is this Lovely Me:Ex Angel Skin Foundation for only Php
! I wasn’t planning to buy another foundation but a lot of the girls
from our Korean Cosmetics Lovers group said it was good and it’s super cheap! I
didn’t have the guts to say no to that. 🙂

little something from Skinfood. I seriously hate how SF costs twice as much
here so when given the chance, I decided to buy a Buckwheat
(Php 300+) for backup and Salmon Concealer (Php
. I’m still inlove with my Cinema Secrets concealer but I’m always
open to trying new things -especially if it’s cheaper.
I also got this bag for Php 550. It’s a bit small for school but it
looks so cute. Now that I think of it, I think this will go well with the
cover-up BF got me from Crossings, Glorietta.
shopping at Korean brands if there aren’t any freebies, right? Yey! I received
3 facial masks, 3 toner-emulsion duo from Etude House, Skinfood and Nature
Republic, a cute pen, collagen samples and a box of cotton pads. Cool! Hmm..
I’m sensing another Korean-themed giveaway here. What do you think? *wink
Learn the basics about
ordering thru Seoul Catch from my older post. 
Click HERE.
I also bought a couple
of guy things for the BF and I’m actually tempted to post gift
guide for guys but I don’t want to risk ruining the surprise so I guess I’ll
post it some other time. 🙂
I wish you and your families
a blessed Christmas! I hope you enjoy this season as much as I do.
Product reviews will resume
right after all our family holiday events. Merry Christmas!