I’m baaaack! A day late actually since I had to go to the hospital yesterday but nonetheless, I’m back and hopefully, more active than before. 🙂 After the stressful 5-month review, packages have piled up in my room so expect a lot of hauls, unboxing and review posts in the coming days. Some, like this one, are a bit late but that never stopped me from posting my overdue BDJ Unboxing posts before what the heck. Haha.  It’s already mid-October and what I’ll be sharing with you is last month’s box. Hey, the contents are still worth sharing. 🙂
The September box was HUGE! It’s the same size as the previous exclusive boxes that BDJ released – about twice the size of their regular boxes.  It’s heavy, too, which is a good sign because it means I’ll be getting a lot of full-sized products as opposed to just samples and sachets. Like I said, I’ve been living in an apartment in Manila during the review season so I wasn’t able to open my packages until this weekend. I already saw a lot of photos of last month’s box so I already know what’s inside but BDJ Boxes never lose their touch – it’s still exciting to open it. 🙂

 Funny how the sticker matched my current mantra. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’d notice that I’ve recently joined the #100HappyDays Challenge wherein you’d snap and share a photo of someone/something somehow made you smile. I doesn’t have to be grand – maybe a random act of kindness from a stranger, a sweet moment you wish to cherish or even as small as the Starbucks barista finally spelling your name right. Yes, my name is spelled with TWO “L’s” thank you. Haha. Anyway, I started doing the challenge with this motto in mind. Sometimes we get too preoccupied or we’re going about our daily lives in a rush that we fail to notice small things. I took the challenge not to boast about how happy I am everyday because honestly, I’m not.. rather because I want to be able the appreciate the small things. I highly encourage everyone to do the challenge, too. You’ll be amazed by how blessed you’ll feel after. <3
Going back to the box: A lot of the contents are actually daily essentials rather than beauty innovations as the theme indicated. Some are actually staple products that are reformulated like Jergens, Pond’s and the Cream Silk Conditioners. You don’t get a lot of high-end brands in this bunch but it’s nice to note that almost everything here is full-sized. And I think it’s safe to say that these products would not go to waste because even if you don’t want to use them personally, you’d always find someone who uses these brands. A very safe set, indeed. 
Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner (Php 134, 180ml) – “This product combines the benefits of a weekly hair treatment with the speed of a daily conditioner. It’s formulated with a Vita-boost Complex, that deeply penetrates the hair strand to nourish it from within. Use it in place of your regular conditioner to pamper your hair every day. With 4 variants to choose from, you’re sure to find one that addresses your hair concerns.”
Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin (Php 75, 6 caps) – “Lock in nourishment for your hair the whole day by using these newly launched hair vitamins infused with Vitamin E and botanical extracts from Dove. Packaged in individual capsules to keep the formula fresh, simply cut out the end to squeeze the contents on your palms and apply to the middle section of your hair dow to the tips for long lasting shine and smoothness.”
Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion (Php 88, 100 ml) – “Be the first to try this newly re-launched body lotion that’s formulated with a Hydralucence Blend to a go deep beneath skin’s surface to heal dryness at the source.”
Jergens Daily Moisture (Php 153, 200 ml) – “Infused with moisturixing Silk Proteins and a Citrus Extract this reformulated lotion leaves the skin looking and feeling silky and smooth all day long.”
Beach Hut Clear Spray (Php 390, 180 ml) – “Gone are the days of having to spread that sticky, messy sunblock on your skin! Stay longer under the sun without worrying about those harmful rays. It provides better, easier and even application than you ordinary sunblock lotion. Just spray and go!
FS Gel Liner (Php 299, 5ml) – “Say goodbye to your pencils and hello to this gel based eyeliner from FS! It’s soft on the lids and rich in definition, so you can easily define your eyes. It comes in a 5ml elegant glass bottle and also comes with a free brush! It glides on smoothly helping you effortlessly achieve the look you want.”
FS Single Eye Shadow in Flamed Tangerine (Php 150, 4g) – “These easy to blend powder shadows from FS are a great way to build up your eyeshadow collection. They come in varying finishes – simmer, matte, satin and glitter that you can mix and match to create that look you want. Their silky textures make it easy to blend on your eyes and also prevents product fallout.”
Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner (Php 60, 60 ml) – “Get longer-lasting whiter skin with this Toner formulated with Glabridin, to effectively even out skin tone and get rid of stubborn makeup gently.”
Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash (Sample Size | Php 85, 50 ml) – “Its low-foaming, soap-free formula is infused with Licorice Root Extract, to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it with a softer, smoother glow.”
Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel (Php 150, 10g) – “Dewy, soft skin is now easy to achieve with Pond’s Institute’s newest formulation, Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel. This whitening gel is infused with Rose Lumiere Serum that goes deep into the skin to lighten dark spots and smoothen pores outside giving you that rose glow you’ve always wanted.”
What do you think of last month’s BDJ Box contents? Feel free to sound off on the comment section down below. You know the drill, just let me know if you want an in-depth review on a specific product. Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post!

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