Last month, I decided to start a regular giveaway which was obviously called “Member of the Month” to make this blog more interactive. I know, I know. It’s not the most original idea there is but let’s admit the fact that the main reason I blog is to get my opinion heard. And I just love it when people not only read my posts but also share their own insights. So please don’t think of this as a bribe to coerce readers into agreeing with my opinion. It’s more of a thank you gift or a little token of appreciation for sticking with me despite my obvious lack of makeup skills and vain posts. LOL!
For the month of September, I’ll be picking only ONE (1) super duper active member. He/she will receive this random loot FREE of SHIPPING. 🙂

Prizes are:
Tan Pouch from Shy Shop
100g Tub of Strip It! Chocolate Sugaring Wax — This smells oh so yummy! Read my review HERE.
Suesh Powder Puff
150g Tub of Scents & Blends Lavender Scrub
Aqua Bella by Penshoppe Glitz & Glam Set (Body Spray & Shimmer Lotion)
And accessories from Fabshopaholic
1.) Be a public member of my blog thru GFC.
2.) “LIKE” my blog’s fan page on Facebook.
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4.) Follow me on Twitter

I’d appreciate it if you could also follow my thru Instagram (celline08). It’s not mandatory though.
Lastly, be an active member of my blog by posting your comments, suggestions, reactions or just about anything on the posts that interests you. Comments from past and present blog posts are counted. But bear in mind that it should be substantial. I accept criticism but I certainly don’t tolerate rude comments.

 And now for the second part of this surprisingly long post…
The August Winners are:
(In No Particular Order)


Ailyn Austria


Hazel Grace Bellen
You’ll all be receiving last month’s mystery Suesh Goodie Bags. 🙂
Congratulations! Thank you for keeping my blog alive with all your interesting comments.
Please email me your shipping details at or you can just simply send me a message on Facebook.
I plan to continue the “Member of the Month” Giveaways as long as I can to reward my loyal readers so don’t forget to leave a comment whenever you drop by, okay? 😉