I know majority of my readers here are ladies, well, this is a beauty blog after all. So why not talk about something intimate. A topic a lot for you are curious about but couldn’t openly ask other. I’m talking about feminine hygiene. So if you [yes, you, the one reading this] are a guy, I suggest clicking on a different tab or post, haha. It’s not going to be pretty. Proceed at your own risk. 😛
Just last week I was invited to a fun afternoon at Intercontinental Manila for BETADINE® I Do It Twice A Week campaign. Before we go to the nitty gritty parts of common misconceptions and proper hygiene down *there*, let me show you what happened during the event.
So the event was held at the hotel’s poolside where booths and lounges were setup for different activities. Like this pink mini golf course at the Flawless booth. I already tried it during their last event so I didn’t bother trying this time around – I know I’d suck again, haha. The booth also featured the newest Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70, one of my current go-to sunblocks this summer season.
Then a cozy poolside lounge for mani sessions and massages courtesy of Posh Nail. This, I won’t pass up. #DonyaFeels  I had my nails done using Ruby Wing, a color-changing nail polish. I forgot the exact shade but it initially goes on as a nice neutral beige that turns into a muted brick red. It so cool! I usually don’t go outside the house but I was so excited to show it to my sister that I ran outside the house during noon and awkwardly held my hand out under direct light. Watching the nail polish transition to different shades was very amusing. 🙂
The main event was held in this humongous outdoor tent complete with sofas and picnic mats. I was inlove with the setup. <3
Now let’s talk about feminine hygiene. Every day, women are prone to itchiness and irritation in their intimate area. This feminine discomfort makes for a more self-conscious, distracted and simply un-sexy feeling, affecting our day-to-day performance. I know we all want to stay sassy and sexy in everything we do. But our hot, humid weather plus wearing tight jeans or body hugging outfits can leave us more susceptible to irritation in the intimate area. Dark, humid places are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Imagine *those* growing and multiplying down *there* when you neglect your hygiene. Ewww! Improper hygiene is not only gross but this could lead to a lot of complications when left untreated. This could actually result to infertility.
That’s why BETADINE® Feminine Wash’s new campaign “I do it twice a week” focuses on the importance of a proper feminine hygiene habit. Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash TWICE a week can help us stay clean and protected. It contains PVP-Iodine that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi – the common causes of irritation, itchiness and odor in our intimate area. It is mild, hypo-allergenic and has the right PH to maintain the normal level.
THE SEXY CLEAN PROMO. To further encourage Filipinas to get into the twice a week habit, BETADINE® Feminine Wash partners up with like-minded brands in the Be Sexy Clean promo. With this partnership, they hope to continue to alleviate women from feminine discomfort and keep women feeling Sexy Clean.
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With BETADINE® Feminine Wash, feminine hygiene is of the utmost importance. Because by being clean, you may have that sexy feeling even beyond red days. Join the BETADINE® Sexy Clean Revolution! Feel cleaner, sexier and more protected with BETADINE® Feminine Wash.
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