Throughout my online shopping crazed months, I was able to spot shops that are worth blogging about. Those shops either: (1) offers products at lower price compared to other shops, (2) owner have good customer relation skills and answers question without sounding masungit, and/or (3) have wide variety of products to choose from. If I’m spending my money, might as well give it to people who aren’t rude when answering questions, di ba? I’ve already featured some online shops before for having one or two of the qualities mentioned above. But the shop I’m featuring today has ALL the 3 aspects I’m looking for.
Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. I genuinely love the diverse products and services they offer so I made a voluntary decision to share it with my lovely readers.
Facebook Page: Purple Cow’s Attic
Their first shop, Purple Cow’s Attic, started selling dresses, blouses, cardigans and other apparels. I’m actually eyeing their affordable peplum dress.. maybe I’ll buy it some other time. They have great pieces to choose from at very reasonable price! 
Anyway, the shop expanded a bit in terms of the products carried and… I’m really thrilled to announce that Purple Cow’s Attic is now a registered distributor of Human Nature! Can’t wait to try their powders and cleansing oil. πŸ™‚
Photo from Google.
Finally, Purple Cow’s attic is now also riding the organic-loving bandwagon! Mineral makeup and organic skincare products recently became mainstream with the introduction of Krave Minerale, Virginia Olsen Minerals, Ellena and Human Nature to name a few. I’ve tried several products from the first 2 brands mentioned but nothing from Human Nature because I don’t know where to buy them – not until now, that is. 
From beauty to accessories…
Facebook Page: Manic by Purple Cow
I’ve already featured some of their customized accessories before. Yes, they make accessories based on their customers’ specifications so it’s highly unlikely to come across anyone with the exact same design as yours – unless you copied yours from somewhere else. LOL!

What are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow and start designing your own unique bling!
 Left: Bloody Velvet (red feather earrings) featured on my Black Cherry Hardcore Punk Look during last summer’s photo shoot at UP Los Banos. Check out the entire look HERE.
Right: Customized fringe necklace worn by my sister during Philippine Fashion Week. Check out the entire look HERE and the same look for a photo shoot HERE.

And if two online shops aren’t enough for the ultimate business woman that is Ms. Joy Puntawe, she opened a new one for an intimate group of people on Facebook. It’s called…
Remember Seoul Catch? Well, in a nutshell, this new shop/group is the HK version of Seoul Catch. In this group, members can inquire about products in HK (prices, availability and the likes) and then compare it to mall prices here. Your Personal Shopper in Hong Kong offers you the experience of shopping in HK without really paying for the airfare. It’s like having “Facudo” shop for you in HK while you stick around here. LOL! Email Ms. Joy at for more details.
How great is that?! Now I can shop for items in HK, Korea (Seoul Catch) and US (Gcash AMEX). Love it! I know a lot of my blogger friends are also looking for photo light box for product shoots. Girls, this is your chance! πŸ™‚ 
And oh! I even saw other people ordered a bunch of MAC products (for much cheaper price) last cut off and I was so tempted to order too. Do you know when will MAC launch Archie collection in HK? Teehee. πŸ™‚