Hey all! I’ve been MIA since late December so I guess I kinda owe you guys an explanation. Well, some of you probably already know that I work in an audit firm, and we consider the months leading to April 15 or the tax filing as our busiest season. And by busy I mean we stay in the office from dusk to dawn, 6-7 days a week. We practically live in the office – well, some actually do. I can’t tell you how fast-paced everything were during that period.

Great thing about the pressure was that I forced myself to learn as much and as fast as I could to stay afloat. And I realized how much I needed my blog to keep me sane in this kind of profession, haha. My blog is no money-making machine, and that doesn’t come as a surprise. I might even be spending more than I earn from it to keep it going. But I really don’t mind as it is my soul-food, my stress reliever.

So, what changed? I guess I outgrew “Product Arena”. It’s been 4 years since I started this blog and my life isn’t just about beauty and makeup anymore. My blog has opened new opportunities for me and I now have my day job to support a few luxuries. To be able earn my own money is very liberating; it was very different when I was just a college student/blogger.

What I’m trying to say, I think, is that I’m going to expand my blog. Instead of concentrating on makeup and other beauty-related stuff, I would be including posts about lifestyle, travel (which I apparently am semi-addicted to now), food (because a trip is never complete without trying new food), fashion (if and when I reach my ideal weight), and basically just about anything. I’m making my blog more personal. This way I won’t have to limit myself with what I can share.

I honestly had the hardest time trying to decide if I should change my blog name as I shift the focus of my blog. I’m afraid “Product Arena” would not really represent what the content of my blog would be after the transfer, but my friends said I should stick with it as I have already established it in a sense.

As a compromise, I’m keeping the name “Product Arena” to avoid confusion, but I will be emphasizing “Celline Reyes” to ease the transition, as seen on my new blog header. In line with the change, I re-hired my ever-trusted web designer, Deann, to create a newer, cleaner, more mature layout to celebrate this milestone in my blog life. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there so do expect A LOT of updates. Here’s a little sneak peek. 😉

I’d like to take this time to send my gratitude to Deann for aiding my transfer to WordPress and for the amazing new layout. And, of course, to my loyal readers, as well. Expect a lot of changes in the coming months; semi-regular posts, giveaways and a whole lot of travel logs. Cheers to a bigger and better Product Arena by Celline Reyes. <3