Ever since the year started, I’ve been injecting a lot of Collagen-infused products into my daily routine – may it be in facial masks, skincare or even supplements. Collagen is naturally produced by our bodies and inhibits formation of wrinkles by keeping the skin elastic and supple. It provides strength and structure to different parts of the body, holding cells and tissues together in bones, tendons and ligaments.

But as we age, the production of collagen in our bodies naturally decline. This is further affected by stress, daily wear and tear, sun exposure, and other negative factors. It is said that from the age of 20 to 40, the collagen in our skin decreases by about 20%; from the age of 40 to 60, we lose another 40-50%. No wonder it becomes difficult for our skin to regenerate and keep its suppleness as we grow old. To fight against this, many beauty-conscious women around the world have turned to collagen drinks and supplements.

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink, a newly-launched product to complement topical products, provides remarkable anti-aging benefits that work from within. It is made with high-absorption collagen that provides our skin an abundance of strength, elasticity and resilience. And unlike some collagen drink already available in the market, Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is infused with Hyaluronic Acid which increases efficacy, as hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet that improves skin hydration. As a matter of fact, hyaluronic acid has the unique ability to absorb 1,000 times its weight in water molecules!
I’m at my early 20s so skin regeneration or Collagen production is not yet a problem for me although a little bit of help won’t hurt. I’ve undergone a few treatments before that are aimed to promote skin regeneration, elasticity and ultimately, better Collagen production. If you’re not aware of the Pixel Fraction Laser Treatment, it is basically a procedure where in a hand-held device is used to create puncture-like wounds on the skin to force it to regenerate. This, along with several Collagen-infused facial masks and skincare products, helped uplift my skin and in some cases, even improve its appearance.

Like everything, I think a good skincare product is best combined with supplements. This way, it works both in and outside the body. That’s what the Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is for. It works with my other skincare products to rejuvenate my skin. But unlike topical products, I don’t have to wait for my skin to absorb it. It works from within so it gives faster, more noticeable result. 

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink has a neutral flavor and is fast dissolving. One sachet a day dissolved in your favorite hot and cold beverage, be it coffee or tea, milk or yogurt, is all you need to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, restoring its health and suppleness, while minimizing fine lines and sagging. It can be taken at any point of the day.

I personally like taking it during my afternoon snack or at night while I blog. I often mix it with my homemade detox drink; water with cucumber, lemon and a dash of mint leaves. I love how refreshing the drink is. You should definitely try it! Best after a long hot day. <3

Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink is available in Belo Medical Group clinics, Watsons, Mercury Drugstores and other leading online stores nationwide. It costs Php 113.75 per sachet and Php 1,592.50 for a box of 14 sachets.

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